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Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing good! For this Makeup Monday I wanted to share about some single eyeshadows I've been using this last week. I've only used these a few times, BUT I've been loving them! I'm so happy I took the gamble and gave some of these a try. Like I've been talking about a lot in the last blogs and online I'm crazy into single eyeshadows right now. Just quick and easy one eyeshadow all over the eye lid and out the door. It's been such a time saver and easy. And with us traveling within the next couple of weeks all of my palettes are packed away already and it's easier to travel with single eyeshadows. 

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow:  I have 3 of these eyeshadows I have one in Dusty Rose, one in Nude Glow and one in Royal Nude. I got a recommendation from Jessica Braun she suggested to get the one in Dusty Rose as a Charlotte Tilbury dupe. And when I picked it up at the drugstore I snagged the other 2. I really like these! I've used them a few times in the last week or so and have really liked how it's a one eyeshadow and done for your eye look. The only one that's almost a little bit to nude on me, like it blends in with my skin tone, so it's kind of hard to see is the one in Royal Nude. There's shimmer in it which is why it's pretty and I'm still goin to use it, but just know it's a smidge more sheer than I was expecting. But Dusty Rose and Nude Glow are stunning on their own. Just use your brush or finger (both ways to apply it have worked great for me), swipe it all over the eye lid and you're good to go. These are also only $2.99 at Target, so super affordable in my opinion!

BH Cosmetics Diamond Dazzlers: I actually came across these on an Instagram advertisement as crazy as that seems 😂 I saw a picture of these and instantly thought, "Wow these are only $5 and look gorgeous!" I have never heard of these! Never seen them in store, never heard anyone do a review on these on YouTube, never seen a tutorial on them. Nothing these are brand new to me, it looks like they've been around for awhile when I was looking into them? But yeah never heard of these until last week. These are single eyeshadows in a loose pigment all of them are shimmery. I bought the shades Flashy it's kind of a copper color and Brilliant is a pinky rose gold color. Brilliant reminded me of the Loreal Chromatic Bronze loose pigment in As If, that I love. They don't sell it anymore it looks like, so that's why I purchased this shade in Brilliant. I used the shade Brilliant last week and let me tell ya... These are insanely gorgeous! It really is just like the color of that Loreal one I mentioned. The chunks of pigment are kind of thick when you dump it out BUT they crumble down into a powder if that makes sense. So don't think it's actual thick chunks of glitter cause it's not they break up once you're putting it on your eyelid. Its very shimmery I used it all over my lid and I really liked it! There is fall out because it's a loose pigment, so do your eye look first. Fall out is something that's not a big deal for me, but I know some people don't like it. And lastly the lids for these are a little odd, so its hard putting the loose pigment in the cap. You can do it don't get me wrong, I've been using a different cap to pour a little out,  just to make it less messy. I definitely want to purchase all of these! I think these turned out better than I was expecting! I can't believe I haven't seen a lot of people review these! These are only $5 and they stay on my lids all day no problems creasing or anything!

That's it for this Makeup Monday! Just wanted to let everyone know about these single eyeshadows I've been using this last week.I was pleasantly surprised about these purchases! 

See ya next week!
Brittany Schmidt

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