Paypal Discovery?! Cheaper Shipping Rates FOR FREE?!

Hey Everyone!

Maybe this has been around for awhile and everyone already knows about it, but I never heard about it until now. I think this will be life changing for me 😂

Last week it was raining just about all week. I had some orders I needed to ship from Shopify and other platforms like Curtsy and Poshmark. If you know about Curtsy and Poshmark you can print shipping labels from your house and send it in your mailbox or a USPS dropbox. Which, makes it really convenient because you don't have to drive out of the way to a post office. I know I talked about this in a YouTube video a few months back, but where we live in Seattle WA we live by 3 post offices. BUT they're all exactly 1 mile apart and all of them don't have parking. Which makes it really inconvenient for me to go to the post office. I can drive, but I would have to pay for parking. I can walk, but with walking its about 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back, so that's an hour of my day just going to the post office. I usually run there, but I can't run there when I have a lot of packages and if you know Seattle... it rains a lot here. Long story short... it's sometimes annoying going to the post office for those reasons.

Well it was raining all last week I was a little frustrated I was going to have to drive to the post office in this rain. The Curtsy and Poshmark orders luckily fit in the outbox of our apartment. I think Josh has been noticing how frustrated I've been getting with this rain. So he started doing some research into shipping products. When I first started my boutique a couple of years ago we both looked deep into shipping. Which is the cheapest route to go, best company to go with for shipping, cheapest packaging out there, etc. the whole process we looked pretty deep into. A lot of the platforms we were coming across for shipping, had some sort of monthly or yearly payment for cheaper the cheaper shipping. So we would have to pay a monthly payment of some sort like $10 a month in order to get a few bucks off of shipping. To me it defeated the purpose of cheaper shipping? So that didn't seem like it was worth it. Or there was some sort of catch to it that just didn't make sense to me. So this whole time I've been doing the classic filling out the addresses by hand and physically going to the post office that way. 

Keep in mind I've been using PayPal for orders, like just taking payment with it for 2 years now and never noticed that PayPal does offer shipping which is embarrassing 😂 But, I guess I've also never looked closely or specifically searched it on PayPal. Well Josh came across it while he was doing some research into shipping. I gave it try and I can't believe how I've never tried this before! It's literally cheaper shipping, no catch to it, no monthly payment or anything. Literally PayPal makes the shipping label on, print it out, tape it to your box or envelope and put it in your mailbox and you pay less money. AND you don't have to go to the post office, so your saving time. So usually when I send packages it's around $3.50-$4.05 (roughly for jewelry products). The PayPal shipping labels has been around $2.74 (roughly) so a dollar and some change less. And like I keep reiterating there's no catch or anything just cheaper shipping. 

Its completely free to use PayPal literally just make an account and you're good to go no payment or anything. This isn't sponsored or anything this is just a life changing discovery for me that I wanted to share with everyone. If you own a business and need shipping I highly recommend looking into PayPal shipping!

That's it for this post! I hope this helps!
Brittany Schmidt



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