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While I was working the other day I had a thought and it's something that's been driving me nuts lately. I've been letting this thing go and standing up for myself when it happens for the past few months now. But I think I just need to rant and put it out there. If you've seen my latest Instagram and Facebook post you'll know what I'm talking about. 

I've pretty much had it with the obvious judging about me working from home. I know what everyone is thinking, "Brittany how do you stay busy in the day?" Or "Don't you get bored?" "You don't have kids it's just you and your husband." "Why don't you get a job just for something to do so it's not just your husband that is the only one bringing in money." Before I started working from home I had all these same thoughts and they've been running around in my head for the past 2 years. 

I thought about it, prayed about it, talked about it with Josh over and over making sure financially we can afford this. And believe me or not this was actually Josh's idea his exact words, "You know Brittany if you don't want to get a 9-5 job you don't have to you can just work on your boutique from home cause we can afford it. If I was in your shoes I would stay home and work." I wasn't sure about it because I grew up with parents that worked the usual 9-5 job everyday that's just what's engraved into my mind how a family is. But really times are changing working from home is becoming the new normal. We especially see it a lot in Seattle. 

I figured us moving to Seattle would be a good start to try out working from home. It just kind of lined up perfectly coming here with no job lined up, it takes a few months for my massage therapy paperwork to process it just kind of made sense to give it a shot. Figured worst case scenario if I hate it or I'm finding myself being lazy I get a job easy as that.

So it's been exactly 2 months now and I'm LOVING working from home. My typical day is; getting up early, taking pictures of boutique products, uploading those to the online store, and the million other selling websites/apps that I have (this takes up a lot of time having to upload pictures to each individual website/app), writing squ numbers, product info, the prices, location, (again I have to do this for each individual app or website so it takes a few hours), typing in all the info on each product onto a spreadsheet, the quantity of the product, manufacturer, prices I have them at, finding new products for the following month to purchase, organizing banking information, uploading receipts putting them in the right categories, working out, cleaning the apartment when it needs to be cleaned, running to the post office to drop off any packages of things that sold, prepping food for dinner, running errands that need to get done dropping stuff off for josh, shopping for toiletry type things for the house, picking up medicine when one of us gets sick, car issues, booking dentists, or doctors appointments (Not everyday obviously) posting to social media and commenting on other boutiques, and writing any blog posts for the week. And almost all that's listed above is like everyday, weekly, or monthly things. So yeah my day is filled like a normal job would be filled. 

Don't mean to be rude or crazy ranty but like I said earlier I've just had it with the constant negative nancies and judgy looks after I tell someone that I work from home. Everyones financial situation is different. Everyone has different passions and goes different ways in life. You can't judge someone working from home when their situation is COMPLETELY different from yours. That's not how life works. Not everyone is working a 9-5 job and that's okay.

I've been blessed with an amazingly hard working loving husband. So thankful that our financial situation that we're in, that I'm able to work from home and try to build a business. 

When I first met Josh I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life not a clue. We got married and I tried multiple different things that I thought I would love doing. Ended up not liking any of them trial and error not going to know until you try it ya know? Thought I'd give the online boutique thing a shot and so far this is what I've enjoyed most. I'm so much more motivated, I have more energy, less stressed about everything, I'm so much more happier! I get so much done in a day I love it. Never have I thought in a million years I would be able to work from home, wasn't even a thought in my mind.

Trust me when I say I was so unsure and nervous to be working from home. I thought I would get lazy, not be productive, thought I would always be sleeping in, I would feel bad that Josh is getting up and going to work and I'm over here in the comfort of our home, I was worried about financials like if we could afford this. But the complete opposite has been happening. I've been getting up earlier than ever, I get WAY more work done in the day, I've grown to not feel bad when Josh leaves for work because we've talked about it over and over and he's the one that wanted me to try working from home, I love being able to see home come home from work, we can more than afford it, and I have more self discipline than I ever had before in my life!

Working from home has been nothing but a blessing for me. I get it's not for everyone if you have tried it and didn't like it. But I wish everyone could work from home. It's kinda sad how people have been judging me and not happy for me working from home, when I wish nothing but the best for everyone else. I really do wish everyone could have the luxury of doing it.

Rant is over now though got everything off of my mind. Haha if you're ever able to financially afford or have the opportunity to work from home I recommend it. It really will be one of the best decisions of your life. 

See ya next time!

Here's some pictures for the love of my husband!!!




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