Seattle Update Month 6

We've been in Seattle for about 6 months now! It actually feels like we've only been here for a few months haha. October was a crazy busy month, we had a lot of people visiting and us traveling. In October alone we had Josh's uncle and cousin visit, while they were here in Seattle, I flew to Boston to visit Allison and Rachel. And then towards the end of October we had a couple of friends Tyler and Kayley visit from Milwaukee. And after they left we had to fly out right away for Josh's cousin Tyler's wedding. While all this was going on Josh and I both got sick this month also. Probably from all of the traveling. So October pretty much consisted of showing people around the city planning out each day when people came to visit. I'm so happy that everyone that visited us seemed to love Seattle.

Tyler and Kayley visited on perfect days temperature was pretty good and the night that we went on the ferry to show them Brainbridge Island was GORGEOUS. Perfect beautiful clear and day you could see Mount Rainier perfectly and the clouds were all sorts of colors. We showed them around the nearby farmers market and they seemed to enjoy that they bought a bunch of Christmas gifts for their families and got some stuff to decorate their apartment. They were here during Halloween I thought our costumes were awesome but the bar crawl we chose sucked I'm pretty sure we got scammed haha. It's fine though it was just nice hanging out with friends and even better that they both enjoyed the city.

All of us by the gum wall!


Giant fountain by the performing arts center. We were on our way to a Diwali festival!

First time we saw the MoPOP Museum! Themes were halloween films, bands that were from Seattle like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.


Walking Dead head from the season with the Governor!

I wasn't here when Josh's uncle and cousin were here, but from what I heard from Josh it sounded like they had a good time. Sounded like they enjoyed the Jump bikes and the sea food was the best they ever had.

After getting back from Boston in October I got sick, just a cold but still annoying. It lasted about a week or so and by the time Tyler and Kayley came to visit, Josh caught my cold. Not a big deal it was nothing terrible, but annoying getting sick while people are visiting and we're traveling. 

By the time Tyler and Kayley left we had to head out the next day to Wisconsin for Josh's cousin Tyler's wedding. It was such a fun wedding one of the most fun wedding's we had in awhile! It was so nice seeing everyone and everyone having a great time together!

Didn't get like any pictures from this wedding except these couple haha.


Now that we're back in Seattle, we immediately started house hunting again! At this point in our search we ruled out condo's and we're thinking of ruling out single family homes. We've looked at a good amount of single family houses and we honestly haven't liked any of them. They're all super old and look super outdated on the inside. Basically they look like a huge project and Josh and I aren't looking for fixer upper. We want a nice modern looking house that is sleek and everything is new. Like we're not spending money on a fixer upper that needs more money dumped in to it. Also if you know Josh and I we aren't exactly handy man people haha. I wrote in another post how our first step in this house hunting process in finding an area that we like. Because you know we're new here so we don't know the areas too well. We looked at 3 different areas of Seattle and we like 2 of them. West Seattle and Ballard we really liked a lot, our realtor is going to show us one or two more areas of Seattle within the next couple of weeks to check out. So we're getting there, we're starting to narrow things down.

We actually just talked to a pre purchase consultant on Wednesday. Just asked him some questions about best options for us because we follow Dave Ramsey we knew that our situation is a little different than the usual people, when to start the process of getting a home loan and details of how the bank side works exactly. And it went really well pretty much we're on track for everything and he thought everything will work out smoothly we shouldn't have any issues getting approved. 

My birthday is coming up tomorrow, so Josh has plans for this weekend for a nice dinner and going to a couple of distilleries. I've never been to one before so I'm super pumped for Saturday! And then after that we're going to look for and book tickets for our honeymoon trip! 

I think this month is starting off great! Now that we've been here for 6 months I think we're finally starting to get into the swing of things, like a normal everyday routine. Something we talked about that we need to start doing is meeting more people. I joined a soccer and that's going well! Will probably meet people through there and Josh started spending time with his co workers. We're thinking of starting a meetup group on the app that's literally called "Meetup" we just need to figure out a topic. And we want to start a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class and teach people how to be debt free. We have to find a spot to run it though and contact the couple of spots we have in mind to run these classes. So we have ideas we just need to pull the trigger and do them and schedule time in to do these things. We both know meeting people takes time, so we can't beat ourselves up over it friendships don't happen overnight. 

But that's basically what's been happening the last couple of months and this month! Basically searching for our first house and planning our honeymoon are the 2 big things on the agenda! Both things we've so been looking forward to the last couple of years! 

See ya next time!


Showed Tyler and Kayley the Amazon Spheres

This was the beautiful sunset I was talking about before when we went on the ferry to Brainbridge Island. So happy Tyler and Kayley saw this perfect night!

More fountain and Space Needle pictures we took


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