September Update

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to do a little update on how September was going and kind of venting for myself to feel better haha. ( I know it's October now I'm well aware, I wrote this blog back when it was September.)

I have to admit September was a rough month. I thought it was just a week or so of feeling down, but looking at my calendar and seeing there's only a week left of this month it's been just a rough month.

I've always been a terrible sleeper my whole life, I've never been able to immediately lay my head on the pillow and fall asleep right away. I actually didn't even know that was a thing like, "people fall asleep immediately when their head hits the pillow? My gosh I wish that was me haha." I can easily say that more often than not I don't get a good night of sleep... easily less than 8 hours. So like maybe 10 times a year is when I wake up and can say, "wow I slept super well last night like I feel refreshed and got a full 8 hours of actual sleep, ready to take the day on." I really wonder how people don't take sleep more seriously like sleep to me is probably in my top 5 priorities, if not my number one priority. I listened to a podcast with Dr. Matthew Walker  about sleep and it was really eye opening just how important sleep is. And how little sleep, really has so many negative effects on your life, especially if you're not getting a full 8 hours. 

When Josh and I first moved to North Carolina I was sleeping HORRIBLE I'm talking every single night I was up all night, I just couldn't get tired my brain was racing and everything. And because I was up all night and couldn't get sleepy I was getting tired at 6am and fall asleep until noon. Just a terrible cycle was happening all because of sleep, couldn't get up and start my day nicely, worked sucked cause I was tired, I didn't want to do anything. Josh and I spent the entire year trying to fix it, trying different sleepy teas, supplements, diets, working out, finding podcasts, music, everything we were trying and nothing was working super great. Eventually it started to get better it just took forever. Probably a little mix of everything ended up helping and getting on a habit and getting settled into the new place, I think is what helped. Anyway, long story short what was happening then felt like it was happening now here in Seattle, so I've been freaking out worried. It's not like I want to relive that bad cycle again haha.

This whole month has been a lot of nights of terrible sleep. Up all night and then falling asleep at 6am, not able to get tired. Causing that bad cycle that I was talking about before. Then to top it off I got sick for a few days which put me behind on a some things. You know it's always hard getting back to your normal routine after being sick. And of course this being sick was preventing me to sleep, was up all night not feeling well. It's also been a slow month for sales not sure why cause despite everything, I've been consistent with the boutique, but this month has just been slow. Every business has slow months though so nothing to worry about really. 

I guess my point in saying all this is to not worry. Not every single month and day is going to be perfect and it's okay to feel a little "off" whether it's a couple days, weeks or months. It's okay to not be performing 100% everyday all day! Take your time everything is fine, it's not the end of the world, take however long you need to get back to your normal self. I'm saying all this to remind myself it's okay and because I always seem to beat myself up when this happens and Josh always has to remind me of this LOL. I literally told him, "this month has been a bust, I just can't seem to get back to my routine and I'm not hitting any of my goals this month." And then he reminds me of this. Today was probably the best day this month. Finally feel back to normal, got so much stuff done, sun is finally out and shining! The Lord heard my prayers haha! This goes to my point that things will get better just take your time and not worry, God has a plan for everyone! October will be much better! I already have it all planned out and ready to take on this upcoming month!

Stay happy!


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