Little Makeup Haul!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share some thoughts on some new makeup I purchased recently! I didn't get a ton, which is why I'm not making a whole video on it, but figured a blog would get my thoughts out. 

I completely forgot that HEB has a makeup section. I always forget that grocery stores in general have some sort of makeup section. Some of them are actually not to bad either, sometimes you can find makeup products for cheaper at the grocery store. Not all the time, but sometimes. Just something to keep in mind next time you're at a grocery store.

Anyway I was at HEB and went over to check out the makeup aisle, curious what brands they had and if they had any sales. HEB always has some sort of sale going on. They had your typical brands; Revlon, NYX, Loreal, etc. But, they had JCat Beauty, which surprised me! I thought JCat Beauty was sold only online and at Ulta, so seeing it in person at HEB took me by surprise. I actually have a couple of products from JCat, both of which I really like and still own. I have an eyeshadow palette the Sunset Boulevard palette and a loose powder. Because I like those two products so much, I wanted to grab a couple of more things from JCat to try out. I grabbed a bunch of single eyeshadows, I've heard good things about these from other people on YouTube. I grabbed their Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mouse in Frosty Foil, Shimmery Powder in Camel and Rose Sienna, and their Vanity Goddess Chromatic Pigment in Hype Exposure. 

The first one I tried was the loose powder in Rose Sienna. I got this one because the shade looked unique, I don't have anything like it. I tried it and the performance of it was great, you get a lot of powder that'll last you forever, I got it for a good one and done eyeshadow look, it lasted all day and was easy to apply. My problem with it was I think it was little to bold of a look for me. It was a bit too dark of a shade, really pretty and unique but to dark and bold for what I wanted. I wouldn't wear it as a daily eyeshadow if that makes sense. These eyeshadows the loose powder ones are VERY messy. I should have done my eye look first because there was a lot of fall out. Stuff like that doesn't bother me cause it wipes off easily. Another thing to note is because it's so messy applying it you need to have a small brush to dip into the container or somehow be able to dump tiny amounts out and apply with your finger. The container makes it hard to use your finger to apply. I used it both ways with a brush and my finger and both worked great, I didn't think one way worked better than the other. I actually ended up returning this specific shade Rose Sienna. Purely because the shade was just not for me to bold for what I wanted. 

The next one I tried was the shade Camel in the Shimmery Powder. I got this shade because again, I was going for shades that would be good one and done everyday shades. I've also used other eyeshadows in the past that are similar to the Camel color. I felt like they never showed up on my skin tone, so I ended up decluttering them at some point. So when I saw this shade and that the name of it was Camel I thought this would be a great one and done shade. I gotta say this is by far the best camel colored eyeshadow! I really like this one it's exactly the color I was going for. It shows up on my skin tone, it's pretty and not too dark or bold on me, it lasted all day even through a midday nap. My favorite thing about this Shimmery Powder line, is that it's not to chunky it's very finely milled. I'm actually going to declutter a couple more of my single shadows specifically the NYX glitter ones that are more chunky because this JCat Shimmery Powder is way better and around the same price if not cheaper. 

I haven't tried the Vanity Goddess Chromatic Pigment in Hype Exposure yet. Looking at the reviews it has really good reviews, so I'm excited to give it a shot. The swatches look incredible! This particular one I got for a bold look, like a one and done, but bold and simple. Unlike the other ones I mentioned above I was looking for a more soft easy look. I can tell you right off the bat this one is chunky, BUT the chunkyness is one of those eyeshadows where the chunks crumble into a very finely milled powder. At least that's what happens when I'm swatching this with my finger. I'm guessing it's going to be messy because it's already messy just swatching it. So when I use this I'll be doing my eyeshadow first. 

The last one I tried was the Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse in Frosty Foil. This one was fine. I think if I got a different shade in it it would have been better. I was hoping it would show up more on my eyes and it's better as a topper shade if you're trying to amp up an eye look. I ended up returning this one also because I already have a Colourpop single eyeshadow that looks the exact same as this JCat one. Same thing with the Colourpop single eyeshadow I use it as a topper shade not so much on it's own. So there just isn't a point in having both of these single eyeshadows that look completely similar to me. Again, nothing wrong with the JCat one. Just works better as a topper shade than on its own is all. 

The last thing I got in this little grocery store makeup haul is a lipstick from Covergirl. I actually have never purchased anything from Covergirl, I'm just realizing haha. I purchased this lipstick it's 225 Dulce De Leche. It's a nude lipstick. I got it because if I'm remembering right Tayler Wynn uses this lipstick to mix with other lipsticks if they're to dark. I actually already have a Maybelline one that I use for this exact purpose, so I really didn't need this lol. But, I remember Taylor Wynn uses this a lot, at least I think so. Not going to lie I'm not sure if this is the right one, I was purely going off of memory haha, but I think this is right. I've used it a few times and so far it's working! I've used it as a topper to lighten darker lipsticks and it's worked. It's very creamy, which makes it comfortable. I do have to check it occasionally because when I'm layering it depending on the lipsticks I'm layering it with, it can move around because it's super creamy. It's definitely way to light for my skin tone I wouldn't wear this on it's own. But like I said I got it specifically to layer with other lipsticks and so far it's serving it's purpose, so I've been happy with it. I just leave it out on my vanity at this point and use it with any lipstick that I want a little lighter.  

I got all of this stuff at HEB, the JCat stuff I couldn't find on HEB website and link it. I linked up what I could find from Ulta and Amazon. Just a heads up if you're wondering. Anyway most of this stuff was good and I'll continue to use, just a couple of the products I returned because they weren't exactly what I was looking for. But that's it for my little makeup haul!

I'll see ya next time!

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