Start of a New Chapter: Day 1

Hi Everyone!

The past year or so I've been thinking of starting a blog! I feel like ever since my husband and I got married June 10th 2017 time has been flying by and I want to be able to remember every last minute of us! So I decided to take the step and start a blog! I'm no writer by any means, but I guess that's the point of a blog it's supposed to be low key and you can write whenever and however you want to! Which is my type of style haha!

I figured I'd start this blog after the move to Seattle Washington. Start of a new chapter in our lives, hence the title of these series of blogs. It was a big career change and a big move for us. Seems appropriate ya know? The move obviously consisted of mostly driving Durham North Carolina-->Seattle Washington coast to coast! We stopped at some places that we both knew we probably wouldn't have had the chance to stop at again in our lives, so we really tried to make the best of this trip and take advantage of this move!

So everything started the month of May 2019, it kind of started at an awkward time because May was already a busy month for us even before Josh got the job at Amazon. I started a new job at Cisco as a massage therapist, one of Josh's good friends from high school was getting married in Wisconsin, Josh's sister Jessica and her husband Brennan came to visit us for a few days as they were coming to NC for their friend's wedding, we also had to pack during this month because the moving company needs everything ready to go a few weeks in advance so they have time to travel and everything. Also, our good friends Courtney and Derek Kuch came to visit us. We met Courtney and Derek in North Carolina at church (Gethsemane Lutheran) and we all stayed really close friends! They ended up moving about a year ago to New York they got new jobs and had a baby! Harper Madeline Kuch she was born April 4th 2019! They came back to NC to come visit us and we got to meet Harper for the first time! We were also so honored to be baby Harper's Spiritual God parents and be able to stand by them as she was getting baptized! 

Long story short it was super chaotic getting everything done and we loved every minute of it haha! I ended up only being able to work for Cisco for about 3 weeks total, kind of stinks and was awkward putting my 2 weeks in, but life goes on Josh's job with Amazon is a better opportunity all around for us. And we were ready for a change in our life, we felt like we saw and did everything we could in NC and just needed a change of scenery! Josh getting this job with Amazon Alexa really has been a blessing for us. Josh went through so many job interviews he was getting a little discouraged, but we both just kept praying and reminding each other that God always has a plan for everyone, we just need to be patient and every thing will work out the way it's supposed to! 

Sunday May 26th 2019 was the official day that we moved! We went to church and baptized Harper and took the Kuchs family out for dinner for a baptism celebration/moving away dinner! We then drove back to the old apartment to reminisce and get pictures remembering all the memories we had in our first apartment together apt.824! It was so sad but so happy because we knew this move is going to be such a good thing for us! Because we left later in the day it was a short driving day for us. We really only stopped once for gas and ended up stopping and spending the night in Lexington Kentucky. Small little town we knew this first day was going to be a fairly uneventful drive. I'll continue sharing more in the next blog post, I don't want this to be carried out in an insanely long post.

I hope this finds people well! Like I said I'm doing this for me to look back on and to remember all the amazing times I've had with my family! Time goes by so fast and I want to remember every last detail of our lives and the best way I think to do that is writing it down and capturing it with pictures and videos etc. 

See ya next blog post!

Brittany Schmidt


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