Start of a New Chapter Day 2!

Monday May 27 we drove to Chesterfield Missouri. On the way we stopped at the arch in St. Louis, it was my first time there and Josh's second time there. He was there once when he was younger, but he said he barely remembers it. St. Louis was actually a really cool unique city if you've ever been to Milwaukee Wisconsin it's a lot like that! The style of it is like they're trying to keep it original a lot of rustic older brick buildings. It looks like they're trying to keep it looking that historical style if that makes sense?

Anyway, we spent the whole time around where the arch is and that area is super nice and clean looking. Very well kept up and super pretty! Maybe we just went at a good time of the year because the weather was perfect and all the trees and flowers were gorgeous, but I was very impressed! Literally that week we went, there was flooding going on just days before we were there so the water was insanely high! You could get helicopter tours, but the dock where the helicopters could land and take off was completely flooded so that was closed. All of the trees and docks in the water were flooded, I've never seen such high water before. Regardless of all the flooding the area still looked so pretty though! 

We decided since this might be our only time ever seeing the arch we should take advantage of it and go to the tipity top! I'm not super big on heights and wasn't expecting us to go up there so I was a little nervous. I was even getting a little sick to my stomach thinking about the idea. We waited around for 45 minutes before getting in line to go up to the top and it was probably the most nerve wracking 45 minute wait of my life! Before going onto the cart that brings you up you have to watch this cheesy video telling you about the history of the arch and what not. Honestly, didn't pay attention to it at all, I just wanted to get to the top and not be so nervous about it anymore. After the video they bring you down a bit further at this point I'm pretty sure you're below the actual arch and you're waiting in line for the carts to come down.

We're getting onto the cart and it's way smaller than we were expecting I actually thought I wasn't going to fit in there. So if you're claustrophobic this is not for you! Josh and I were in the cart with 3 other people and they were freaking out also, so it was nice we weren't the only ones haha! The ride up is actually pretty nice not stressful at all it goes slow enough there's really nothing to worry about, I thought it was going to be like roller coaster cause I guess I just jump to the absolute extreme thinking lol!

But it was slow and there wasn't any turns or anything we get to the top and it really was the most breath taking view you can imagine just perfectly stunning views you can see for miles and miles! Literally can see the entire city definitely an experience that was worth it! You're able to stay up there as long as you want so of course Josh and I took a bunch of pictures! There's some cool little history plaques to read to get an idea of what direction you're facing and where they lead to. We were up there for maybe 20 minutes got all the pictures we wanted and headed back down. The way back down it goes a little faster but nothing to stress about. 

We ended the day getting something to eat at a local bar and grill. I ate a chicken salad and Josh got a burger and we each ordered a beer (nothing new there haha). Amazon paid for our entire trip food, drinks, hotel, and gas so of course we took advantage of that! I ate so much food I ended up getting a stomach ache. Have you ever ate so much food you get that uncomfortable full like you need to throw up and you can barely walk? Yeah, that was me lol! We got back to our hotel in Chesterfield did a little workout and then just passed out, probably the deepest sleep I've had in a while!

This was definitely an eye opening moment for me all around seeing a place that I never thought I would see in my entire life, I honestly don't even think I knew this arch existed. I'm so happy I fought through all my nerves and went to the top it was totally worth the views! And just a moment that I think I would of regretted if I chickened out and didn't go to the top. I also never thought in a million years I would ever be driving through any of these states, visiting these cities and let alone living on the west coast! So this stop in St. Louis Missouri was a very successful second day of driving! AND I highly recommend if you're ever in the area to take a few days and explore this city, I actually wish we had a bit more time to spend a full day or two looking around St. Louis!

Brittany Schmidt

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