Start Of A New Chapter Day 3

Welcome back everyone to day 3 of our travel to Seattle Washington! This will be a short blog day because day 3 was all driving through Missouri. We drove from Chesterfield Missouri to Hays Missouri. We didn't stop anywhere unique or do any stopping and sight seeing because there wasn't much to see lol... 

Basically what we learned this particular day was there really is a whole lot of nothing in Missouri lots of opened fields and ranches. Just miles and miles of opened plaines and cattle everywhere. We learned we definitely don't have any desire to live out in that area since there's nothing there, there's like A gas station every 50-100 miles. So if you need to use the bathroom go right when you see one haha cause chances are there's not another one for awhile.

Once we got to Hayes Missouri SUPER TINY TOWN and super redneck, not Josh and I's style... I didn't even get pictures of this day because there was literally nothing to take pictures of. Our hotel for that night was right across the street from a tractor company, no good views from the hotel. Not much if anything at all to do in Hayes. Funny because it was a tiny town but it was like the ONLY town in Missouri for miles which made it like a big town. We ended up going to a barbecue place for dinner, I got chicken strips and a side salad, Josh got a burger. Shocker we both ordered drinks to, overall the food and drinks were pretty good there. Josh got a red ale and I ordered a Moscow mule. There was a bunch of tornado warnings going on while we were eating since there was still storms going through this area, but the sun was out and everything!

We ended the day with a short workout. Obviously besides the drinks Josh and I really did stay healthy this trip lots of working out while we were traveling and fairly Keto friendly meals. We knew with all the driving during the week it would be nice working out each night or morning just to not feel so crappy at the end of a long driving day. Every hotel we stayed in was a Holiday Inn which is nice cause they had breakfast, a pool, gym, and unlimited coffee. We thought it's just easier to stick with Holidays Inns better prices and all the amenities you could ever need. This entire trip we both were getting awesome sleep, don't know what it is about driving and long days but we really slept so good every night! 

Sorry for the lack of pictures this day but don't worry not missing much haha!

Brittany Schmidt


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