Start Of A New Chapter: Day 4

Hi Everyone! 

Was driving through Colorado! We were pretty excited about this day because we have a lot of friends that have visited or even moved to Denver Colorado and talk highly about it. The start of the drive coming into the state I thought was a lot of nothing pretty similar to Kansas just nothing not impressed at all lol! It was funny because we had some close friends in Colorado at the same time! We wanted to visit with them but they were 6 hours south of us in Colorado, it was just to far out of the way for us to stop by them. 

As we were driving into Denver I have to be honest the drive into Denver was we didn't think was anything great. A lot of rundown buildings, tons of construction, bad traffic, just nothing to be impressed by I guess. We stopped at this brewery and bar it was called Brier Common. I order a sour beer and brussel sprouts and Josh ordered a burger and a beer. Out of the whole trip this was by far the best restaurant we went to! The food and drinks were delicious the atmosphere was perfect just what we were looking for! 

Afterwards we stopped at Walgreens cause I wanted to try this new makeup brand that I was told was good haha! The drive to this Walgreens though again a lot of sketchy run down buildings and just not what I was expecting. I mean it could of just been the area we were in, but I don't know the little bit we were in Denver I have to admit I was not super impressed. 

After Denver we just about immediately started hitting the Rocky Mountains which were jaw dropping, so stunning I wasn't expecting them to be as beautiful as they were. Going through them we literally hit every type of weather there is; snow, hail, rain, wind, thunder storms, like all of them. It was so cool driving through and one minute it's snowing and the next mile its sunny and warm. Josh and I are not skilled driving through mountains, so all of the traffic was flying by us it was so funny. We just hovered in the slow lane the entire drive through the mountains haha!

Something that we noticed which I never would've expected is all the little towns that are in the mountains are all interesting people to say the least... I guess I thought we would see giant houses people that are wealthy and want a nice house with all the views and what not. But no we saw the complete opposite run down living situations, houses that looked like a metal shack, cars they looked broken down. Not being judgy, just another thing I wasn't expecting is all. And after talking about it with Josh it makes sense I can't imagine there's a lot of job opportunities up in the mountains and the ones that are up there are all hard labor type jobs. Regardless of all that the scenery really is spectacular! I can't complain!

We ended the day in Steam Boat Springs Colorado, that Holiday Inn was in the mountains so the views were incredible. We stopped at a hot springs to end the night and we LOVED it! We both have never been in hot spring before and it is everything you can imagine. I would go in one everyday if I could lol! This hot spring had different ones, they had a bunch of springs with different temperatures so we could hop into different ones which was so fun! We were in the hot springs for about an hour and then headed back to the hotel and watched some Live PD.

This was an awesome day loved it all and learned a lot visiting places we wouldn't normally visit! Who would of thought we would be sitting in a hot spring, that's something we both never thought in million years would happen. And here we are sitting in one that was only like 5 minutes away from our hotel haha! Same goes with driving through the Rocky Mountains and stopping in Denver like these are places Josh and I never thought we would see because we just had no reason to see these places. We have so much gratitude that we were able to see all these places though! Crazy where life takes us!

Brittany Schmidt




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