Start Of A New Chapter: Day 5

Welcome to day 5!

This day the goal was to get to Augden Utah, it was supposed to be the longest day of driving so by the time we got to Layton Utah we were both pretty exhausted. In Layton we stopped for a quick beer at a brewery called Roosters, it was pretty much the only brewery in the area. Afterwards we decided to stop at Antelope Island, we were so excited to see some bison! Again, Antelope Island is something that we never thought in a million years we would see because we never thought we would ever have a reason to be driving through Utah. (As you can see this is a lot of the trend that's been happening on this new adventure). 

The path leading up to the actual island smells like garbage it's so gross, we read though that the stink from the water goes away once you actually get onto the island (thank goodness). And during this time of year the bugs on the island they look like little gnats are hatching, so the gnats are at the worst. We weren't dressed properly for the biting gnats, so whenever we went out to take pictures we had to make it quick lol!

Once we got onto the island we drove immediately to the first spot that had a good view of the mountains. It was a small path that we had to climb up a bit but totally worth the short climb! We got a bunch of pictures and then ran back to the car to stay clear from the gnats. We then drove to the Bison Lookout spot and on the way we passed a camping sight, we couldn't believe that people were actually camping this time of year because the bugs were so bad! They were just sitting there by the fire and eating with biting gnats surrounding them! We drove up this huge hill and at the top it was a little visiting center with a huge deck that had telescopes, so you look out to see the bison in the distance! There wasn't a ton of them like we were expecting, but there was a few. The gnats were the worst at the top of this hill so we were really only up there for 10-15 minutes and then headed back to the car. We found this other path though that lead closer to the bison and followed it down to where the bison actually were eating. And then followed that path for a few miles we saw way more bison and saw some cool unique looking dear hiding in the tall grass! We were keeping our eye out for some mountain goats but ended up not seeing any, we think they were more higher up in the mountain portion. We stopped at another bison location and grabbed a couple pictures. Josh tried to run up to some of the bison to get a closer look, but as he was running the bugs started biting him real bad so he booked it back to the car HAHA!

 After driving through Antelope Island and seeing a bunch of the wildlife on the island, more than we expected we headed out, it was almost time for the island to close for the night. We stopped at a bar and grill place for a lettuce wrap burger and beer and then finished the day with once again, working out and headed to bed. We had awesome views from our Holiday Inn in Utah, picture perfect mountain view! Pretty busy day but exhausting day! So happy we saw some bison and got a bunch of pictures together! I'm trying to get better at remembering to snap some pics so I can look back at them when we're old and gray lol! Especially when we're traveling and big life changes like this!

Ta ta for now!

Brittany Schmidt

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