Start Of A New Chapter: Day 6

It's day 6! So close to making it to our new home!

Day 6 was a chaotic day of driving to say the least... It was supposed to be a fairly short day of driving since at this point we weren't that far from Washington. It was supposed to be less than 5 hours of driving which isn't bad at all. We made sure to switch off on driving this entire trip especially through the mountains so we could each see the scenery and it made driving easier of course. I'm saying this because Josh is pretty notorious for getting on a driving high, he could drive for hours and be fine (is what he says). But I know he gets tired, so I have to make sure to always be checking in on him or have to force him to take a break haha!

The goal was to get to Ontario Oregon, we just drove straight there because it was such a short drive. We get there and stop for a bite to eat, we got lettuce wrap burgers. Fairly small town, so not a whole lot to do. Not a big deal though we figured more time to go swimming and make this day a good resting easy day for us. We get to the hotel, get checked in and the receptionist goes, "Construction workers were doing some work and accidentally clipped one of the power lines, so the whole city is out of wifi...". Josh came out while I was grabbing the bags for the hotel to tell me to see what we should do now. 

I know what everyone is thinking it's just one night, who cares, we can go one night with out any wifi it's not a big deal blah blah blah. WE KNOW! The issue is that every morning Josh was getting up routing out the trip for seeing if there was any good sight seeing places to stop along the way and he was booking the following hotels for the next day every morning he was doing this. Which you need wifi to do that and no we don't have unlimited data. We used all of our data days before this happened, so our internet was already going incredibly slow. By the looks of it talking to the receptionist for the next hour, trying to figure out what to do next and trying to see how far away the next Holiday Inn was. And doing all if this on super slow internet on our phones, that power line that got clipped was not getting fixed anytime soon. We ended up biting the bullet and driving 3 HOURS further to the next closest Holiday Inn which was in Hermiston Oregon. So this day ended up being the longest day of driving, the only reason it didn't feel like the longest day is because we stopped for a snack before hand. And we ended up spending about an hour waiting for our phones to load maps for the hotel in Hermiston. So I drove the first 2 hours while Josh grabbed a quick nap and then Josh drove the last hour I think it was. Super frustrating, but like I said thankfully the long break beforehand helped a bunch.

Something kind of wildly strange happened on the way to Hermiston... So we needed to stop for gas and there was really only 1 gas station for the next like 100 miles till the next one. It was in this crazy small town like 400 people MAYBE and it was literally smashed in between two mountains. We pull up to the gas station it only had two pumps and these pumps look like they're from like the 1930s. Like the dial that had how much gas costs was like a dial you had to spin it, it wasn't a normal digital one. It was this older red neck town every one had to be like 40 years old or older. Okay so not a big deal older and small town and outdated, not a big deal. You look over to the right side of this old as crap gas station 8 Tesla charging stations like nicest looking charging stations I've ever seen. This town was not a wealthy town how in the world do they have 8 Tesla charging stations and only 2 out of date gas pumps?! There's no way people in this town could afford a Tesla! So we head out and on the way out of this town we probably passed no kidding like 6 smoke shops like for weed HAHA! Josh and I look at each other and we're like, "this town like doesn't make sense, what in the world is going on here hahaha! 8 Tesla chargers, only 2 gas pumps, super out dated gas pumps, everyone is older, low income town, and 6 smoke shops. What the heck is happening, where the heck are we lol"!

We finally got to the next Holiday Inn in Hermiston at this point it was pretty late, so we just passed out right away. Nothing to exciting besides knowing that the next day was going to be an even shorter drive which will be super nice. 

No pictures for today sorry everyone! Mostly a driving day! Wish I snapped a pic of that town though haha! But trust me when I say it was very strange!

-Brittany Schmidt

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