Start Of A New Chapter: Day 7 and 8

Today was the last day of driving and the shortest day of driving! It was only 3.5 hours of driving from Hermiston Oregon to Issaquah Washington! We relaxed the morning of this drive because it was such a short commute. And once we got on the road we drove straight there, we did some swimming and went out to eat for one last final meal. We pigged out on this meal since it was the last meal that Amazon was paying for lol! We got a cookie skillet to start and then ordered burgers and a couple of beers. The place we went to was like a bar and grill type place, it was pretty hipster like you would expect out of Seattle haha. We went back to the hotel afterwards, since it started getting late and places were closing.

The next morning again was pretty chill, took our time and enjoyed the last morning in the hotel. Because of the fiasco that happened in Hermiston Oregon with the wifi, we really didn't expect to be in a hotel this day so close to the apartment. Honestly it was nice being able to relax this morning cause we knew right away at noon it was going to be crazy busy. This entire morning we watched this police show called Live PD we got obsessed with it, I couldn't believe how addicted we got haha. We left the hotel around noon to check out our NEW APARTMENT! We were so pumped to finally see it and get all moved in. We got there and got the keys, signed all the paperwork, and got all of the stuff taken out of the car. We live in on the 6th floor right in downtown Seattle! We purposely picked a higher apartment because we wanted good views this time around, we wanted an apartment that had a lot of amenities that we can take advantage of and since we live downtown if we were on the first floor we would always have to keep the blinds closed cause people walking on the sidewalks would always look in and Josh is able to walk to work. We figured our first 1.5 years of marriage we picked the cheapest apartment we could find to obviously save money. So this time we wanted to try out a nice apartment. 

We then rushed over to the Uhaul to pick up our box that had the rest of our stuff in it. We had to hurry since the Uhaul store closed at 5pm and we really wanted to get everything into our apartment and return the truck in time. If you're wondering we did it, we got everything in and returned the truck all exactly by 5pm. I was surprised we got all moved in and it only took about 2 hours. After returning the truck we drove straight to Target to pick up toiletry type stuff, food, bedding, some paper plates and plastic silverware, the usual stuff we would need for the time being until we had more time in the week. We then had dinner at Henrys Taproom they had AWESOME food there. I got mac n cheese and Josh got chicken and rice both were so delicious, they had a good selection of drinks to. 

Basically where we are at now is settling in. We have about half of our furniture that we want and the rest of it we will be getting in July. We've been LOVING Seattle so far, it's so nice being able to walk every where and the temperature has been great so far. I'll talk more in depth about it in a different blog post. We also have really only been here for not even a full month yet. But we have nothing but good thoughts about it so far!

Ta ta for now!

Brittany Schmidt

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