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As you know Josh and I paid ALL of our loans off! We are now starting the search for a new HOME! We actually started searching a few weeks ago, but had some issues with our realtor. We're so excited! We've been living in apartments for so long we're so ready to finally own a home!

We started our search about 3 weeks ago and Josh found this realtor company on Instagram named Team Foster. We've been eyeballing them for a couple of months. They have good photos and the houses they were posting seem right up our alley, all new and unique and modern. I think they're kind of a new company also? So you know Josh and I support start up companies, I mean that's what we are. We reached out to them over Instagram and they emailed us back to get in touch over email. It started off all good they emailed us introducing themselves and we told them that we're really new to the area. We don't know the neighborhoods or the best areas to look and that we're open for a house, condo, or townhome. Basically we need help narrowing our search, since we're so new to the area. Which is why we started this house hunting so early, we wanted to start a relationship with the realtor so when the time comes and we find a place it'll all move smoothly. 

After telling her all this she sent over like 6 different places all in different areas. We went and looked at 2 of the places and emailed her back our thoughts on them, what we liked and didn't like. No response... Josh emailed her again a couple days later. No response.... And then Josh emailed her AGAIN with a list of questions that he also sent out to 3 other realtors. It was a list of questions just like basic questions to ask a realtor. 3 of the realtors responded to that email within a couple hours. This girl on Team Foster didn't get back to the email for days. So when she finally responded it was almost 2 weeks that went by. We have sent her 3 emails in the span of almost 2 weeks with no response. I don't know about other people, but I don't think that's very professional. And when she did respond to it, her response was, "A lot of those questions don't really apply to us since we work as a team." But they were pretty broad can just answer them as a team... So Josh resent the exact email telling her that they still apply whether or not it's just her or a team like the questions still apply lol. Her response was referring us to a new realtor! She just sent us off to this new guy... AND Josh noticed that his email address wasn't the same as the other girls like it didn't have Team Foster in it. Josh emailed her asking if this new guy was a team member on Team Foster. She goes, "No I've known him for a long time he does great work." Like not only did you just not answer any of the questions we asked, you send us off to this new guy who doesn't even work for the same company. Like who is this guy he's a complete stranger. We actually gave her the benefit of the doubt to like we thought "okay maybe she was sick and that's why she didn't respond for so long or on vacation?" But she would have apologized or said she was on vacation or sick, but nothing she didn't apologize at all. 

We ended up not responding to the new guy. Figured if she was a disaster trying to get ahold of we don't trust her recommendations. The other 3 realtors we sent the list of questions to got back to us within a couple of hours, so we set up meetings with them. And of course all of them were Dave Ramsey approved! All 3 meetings went really well. The first guy you could tell really follows Dave Ramseys plan. The second guy seems good at inspections, like if there's problems with a place he could let us know. And the third one seems like he would be a good teacher kind of teaching us along the way. 

The hard part is we have 3 really good options so it's hard choosing 1 when in reality they're all good options, you can't make a bad one. Which is a bad thing to be complaining about haha. 

Our typical house that we're thinking is modern, newer built place and little to no fixing up and at least a 2 bedroom. That's about all we know right now haha. The rest is what we need to figure out still, which is why we contacted a realtor so early cause like we don't even know what we want. We're open to a house, condo or townhouse. It's crazy how everyone we've talked to is surprised that we're opened to a condo or townhouse. Like their jaw's drop like, "Well don't you want to own something have privacy of a house and yard?!" Josh and I are like, "You can definitely find town houses and condos that are huge and own them. We already looked at 3 different condos and town houses that are bigger than a house. We don't NEED a yard that's like an extra thing you have to take care of. We're also pretty minimalist style people we don't have a ton of extra stuff lying around, we have what we need. And the cost of condos and town houses are really not any different than a house. In fact we've looked at some that are even cheaper than a house." So far we've only looked at townhouses and condos and not gonna lie, they've been really nice and we're almost kind of leaning that way so far. 

I think we're deciding on the first realtor that we talked with. He seems trustworthy, follows Dave Ramsey closely like we do, comfortable to be around when we're communicating with him. Like I said none of them were bad options honestly. The awkward part will be emailing the other 2 guys letting them know we went with someone else. But life goes on, I'm sure they're use to it, they talk with clients all the time. I'll post up more as the process goes on about the places we're looking at, banking process, etc. We're looking at buying a place in July is the goal. So we have just about a year to find our first home together!

Till next post!


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