Starting A Bullet Journal

Hey hey hey Everyone!

I've been bullet journaling for almost a year and I have to say it's been pretty life changing. I know that sounds over dramatic life changing, but the more I think about it it really has changed my day to day life. When we first moved to North Carolina I wasn't able to get my massage therapy license it right away. It took about 6 months for the paperwork to process. So I was jobless for the first 3 months. I got into this bad habit during those 3 months of staying up late, sleeping in till noon, not getting anything done in that time period and I was sleeping terribly for some reason. Once I got a part time job for the time being that helped fix my schedule a bit. But it wasn't quite where I wanted it to be still. 

So on my youtube feed a suggested video popped up about bullet journaling. I was watching a lot of self improvement videos at the time, trying to find small things to do to help me get motivated and wake up earlier. So this bullet journaling looked fun, I'm not super creative, but the girl in the video said that a bullet journal can be made as easy or detailed as you want. It's YOUR journal. I'll link the exact Youtube Channel I watched, it's probably the most common one. She's the first video that pops up at least when you type "bullet journal" in the search bar.

Anyway, I watched the video and seemed simple enough. I just had it on and followed along while making the journal. Obviously it wasn't perfect like hers, but the goal I was going for was just to stay organized, get myself up and get stuff done in the day. The start of the journal I made a long list of year goals, which I listed in another blog post that's more in detail. I separate those categories out and then decide on goals within the categories if that makes sense? And then I made a picture of a calendar and have a color coordinated key. On another page I have goals for that month so along with general year goals I have goals within each month that I want to improve on or things that I feel like I'm lacking or want to get better at. Another page I call a "mood tracker" I like to see how my mood is each day of the month. I like seeing that I'm positive and productive each day. Other wise what is the point of this if I'm being lazy each day ya know? After that all that's left at least how I do my bullet journaling are called the "dailies" in the bullet journal world. How I do the dailies; I put the day and then I bullet the things I want to get done that day. As I get them done I simply check them off and then at the end of the day I do a little summary of the day of how it went. Of course I don't get every single bullet done all the time, but it's nice that it's written down cause then you can easily just move it down to the following day. It's like a reminder, at least having it written down helps me to remember. That's pretty much all I have in my bullet journal, simple and has helped me tremendously! And again I literally just follow that girl's channel exactly, so everything I'm doing is what she is doing it's all her ideas haha.

So in this picture you'll see the start of each month you pick a theme. For October I followed the girl in Youtube she did a night time theme of stars and moons. And then I put a habit tracker and color in each box (which stands for a day) that I successfully follow my habit. 

This next picture is how the calendar section of the journal works. There's a key in the corner and you of course put the month sticking with the theme. And then I fill in the plans for that month pretty straight forward. AND OF COURSE I'M NO ARTIST SO JUDGE AWAY ON MY DRAWINGS HAHA!

These pages the one on the left is a continuation of my habit tracker I didn't have room for all of them. But the one on the right as you can see is a mood tracker. I like tracking my mood and looking back on it at the end of the month to see if I improve or not. Making sure I continue to stay productive and positive. Again each circle is a day of the week and use the key at the bottom to decide how each day went. And sticking with the night time theme.


Another thing is don't feel bad if you miss a day. I always beat myself up when I miss a day, when in reality it's not a big deal at all. Like if I'm having a day off I just want to relax and hangout with my husband, the last thing I'm thinking of is bullet journaling. Moral of the story though is it's helped me so much and helped me improve fast. Within the first few weeks I was already getting up earlier, I was getting big tasks done in the day and felt better because of it. I was working out and eating healthier and it helped me track my fasts better. It's helped me stay focused on things for example; this boutique knowing me I would of procrastinated it or never started it. But because I was scheduling it into the journal each day I was working on it each day. It's even helped with little things like remembering birthdays, keeping track of Josh's day or important things that we both need to remember. My goals each month and the yearly goals I have listed in the beginning of the journal. I think this is the best I've ever been at sticking to my goals. I mean really everything; this bullet journal has shaped just about every aspect of my life to better it haha. 

This page is my goals for the month of October. Each month I have different goals but this is what I chose for October. I just pic 3-4 categories it's usually these 4 categories. Then at the end of the month I go through them and check off what I accomplished or what needs work. This has helped me so much with creating good habits and sticking to goals and completing them. 

This last picture is how a typical "dailies" look like. So I write the day so this was September 30 and then I bullet things I want to get done that day/reminders of things I need to just get done. Like last minute thoughts that I need to write down before I forget. I also usually write a summary of how the day went below those bullets just for memory purposes mostly. But thats how all my dailies typically look.

I enjoy this bullet journaling, I'm thankful I came across this youtube channel and decided to give it a whirl. I look forward to bullet journaling each day and it's fun changing up the journal, adding ideas in and taking ideas out. You're really able to mold the journal to fit you and your style. This is my first year doing this journal, I already have plans for next year on some things I want to move in or take out. For example; in the beginning of the journal I have this timeline of events that I add to throughout the year for big events Josh and I have done. But I never remember to write it down like summarize the event that we go to, so I think I'm just going to take that timeline section out completely and think of something else maybe? But yeah just reminding you that it's really up to you have detailed or simple you want to make your journal, there's no wrong answer!




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