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I wanted to talk about me starting a Youtube channel! I know I posted a brief video, my very first video actually, explaining a little bit of why I wanted to do this. But, figured this could also be a blog post for the people that prefer reading. 

Like I talked about a bit in the video, I've been thinking about trying out Youtube for a while now. But, obviously was hesitant of it for a few reasons. I hate hearing my voice, I don't have a lot of confidence especially on video, I thought I wouldn't be interesting, I was thinking I would run out of ideas and I didn't have the equipment or knowledge to edit videos. The list goes on, but those are some reasons.

So around October or November 2019, is when I really started taking into consideration starting a Youtube channel. What REALLY was pushing me to considering this was a few different things. First, I already watch a disgusting amount of Youtube videos. All different style of videos; vlog style, makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, fashion style, amazon hauls, decluttering videos, organization videos, travel videos. I mean my goodness tons of videos I watch haha.

Second reason, I was getting pretty inspired by my favorite Youtuber Jessica Braun. So her along with a few other Youtubers I watch regularly all recently did a sort of rebrand of their channels. So for example Jessica Braun use to only do mostly makeup style videos. But she recently rebranded and now does lifestyle, makeup, vlogs, hauls, etc. She does a little of everything now and I thought that was so cool! She makes these videos for a living, just videoing her life. And I'm thinking I would love to do that, I mean I'm finding myself watching her day in the life videos and I'm loving it. I'm a stay at home wife just like Jessica and she's making a living making videos of just her life. So I could totally do this! She also started her channel at the same age I am now and she just turned 31 and is finally making a living at it. So I'm thinking I could do this. She just really inspired me I guess is what I'm getting at and gave me some confidence in myself that I could do this. 

Third reason, I watched some Youtubers that were talking in their vlogs about how they do pretty much almost daily vlogging. And they actually barely do any editing now. I was surprised because I found a few successful Youtubers that talked about that actually. So when I heard them say that, I was thinking, "Well I'm new to all of this editing and making videos, so the fact that it seems like there's some YouTubers that are making successful videos with little to no editing and only using their phones is kind of exciting!" I was happy cause I'm so new to this, it's almost refreshing knowing I could use just my iPhone and and upload a video right now. I don't need all this equipment and editing tools. I KNOW that I could have done this years ago with just a phone. BUT back then when I was in middle school and high school the style of Youtube videos (at least the ones I was watching) people were using the best video equipment and phones and editing tools. I couldn't afford that or had the knowledge to figure it out. There was obviously other reasons that I listed above. But yeah, at the time in October 2019 I was thinking I needed the best of the best equipment to do Youtube. It's refreshing seeing that now the style of videos is vlog style with little editing. People don't care if its choppy editing or no editing at all. Videos are turning into this light hearted, fun and raw style that makes it easy in my opinion. 

Third reason, which I talked about a bit in that first video I made. I talked about how Gary Vaynerchuk  his birthday is the same day as mine, November 14th. And on that day he released a powerpoint and it was on how to post 64 pieces of content everyday. The powerpoint showed different apps that are helpful, different content to post, all the different platforms to post on, what to type and post, how to post everyday. The list went on, it was a VERY helpful powerpoint I HIGHLY suggest looking at it and taking notes on it. So, when he released that powerpoint in November, I downloaded it and started reading through it. And that was getting me all fired up and inspired to pull the trigger and start a YouTube channel! After going through the powerpoint and taking notes I had a good idea of what I wanted to do for the year 2020. This powerpoint really confirmed that I want to start a YouTube channel starting off the new year, it gave me a good game plan. 

While all of this was going on over the course of 2-3 months, of me contemplating going back and forth on this Youtube channel. Wondering if I should start it or not. Josh my husband was always pushing me to just go for it, trust me we had PLENTY of conversations on this topic. Josh was always rooting for me! He always knew it's fairly easy to start a channel, you really just need a phone that can record and you're good to go haha. And if you know Josh he's VERY business/entrepreneur minded, so he's alway for bringing more content to the world if that makes sense.

When January 2020 rolled around, I finished the Gary V powerpoint and made my first video! And let me tell ya I was SUPER nervous and super sweaty! I decided to whip my phone out, lean it up against some pillows and started recording. I made this video all raw, no editing, just made it and uploaded it immediately. In the video I just briefly talked about my thoughts and why I'm doing this and how I was feeling making the video nothing too crazy, talked about the direction I was thinking with the channel. I wanted something easy for this first video. I mean it's just an accomplishment for me making the video and uploading it in the first place. That's a huge step for me! It's the small successes like that, you can't forget about!

My direction with the channel, I guess basically mirrors what Jessica Braun and her husband Tyler Braun do on Youtube. Basically lifestyle videos, so a little bit of everything. And a little bit of what Casey Holms does also. Casey Holms actually has an online boutique also. And I think a big reason why she got to where she is now is because one, she's been on Youtube for a while. I think she's been on Youtube since she was in high school? Two, she's able to advertise a lot on Youtube. So, she's able to update people on new releases easily, let people know what she's wearing from her boutique, sometimes she takes people on a tour of her inventory and how she runs her boutique. And I think that's so cool she takes people on her boutique journey! So she really inspired me that way! She does a little bit of everything on Youtube, just like Jessica Braun. She does makeup videos, vlogs, hauls, the whole thing. It's not just advertising her boutique. But she played a roll in why I decided to try out YouTube. She has an online boutique, I have an online boutique. So I thought maybe I could get some ideas from her.

As of today I have 4 videos posted on Youtube! I gotta say 6 months, even 3 months ago I didn't think this would have ever happened haha. I also thought it would take years for me to get confident filming videos, but the last video I filmed I think I'm getting more confident! At least I hope it comes across on the video. I feel more confident when I'm filming it, but I'm not sure if it comes across that as a viewer. But, it's still early on! As the months and years go by, filming more regularly I know it'll get easier. 

The part that's really kicking my a##, which honestly, I knew this would be the biggest learning curve is the editing part. I knew it would take me FOREVER to learn how to edit videos. It's been about 2 months and every time I sit down to edit I'm always looking stuff up. Youtube has been VERY handy for learning how to edit videos. Right now I'm editing a video and I think I'm starting to figure out a game plan to edit these videos faster and more efficiently. Like I said I think this editing and confidence will get easier as the year goes. It's like I'm filming more videos faster than I can get them edited haha!

Rant ahead and some words of wisdom, heads up: I sometimes think back and wish I would have started this Youtube channel in high school. It sucks because the high school I went to pushed for everyone to go to college. Like no questions asked, they told everyone the only way we're all going to "make it" in life is going to a 4 year college. And looking back it seems so criminal to me telling a bunch of young high schoolers that we all need to go to college. They completely ruled out the thought of what if college isn't for everyone. You can't just assume that college is for everyone ya know? Not every person is going to follow the same path. I wish so badly I would of just went into the entrepreneurial route. College just wasn't for me. I had a blast in college don't get me wrong, I met my husband Josh in college so I don't regret it. And I got good grades and a GPA and everything so that wasn't the problem. But financially it just put me into debt. I think most people don't know what their calling is in high school. That's saying a lot to me, that high schools are pressuring kids to go straight to college right away. Telling 18-19 year old kids to take out  $40,000 (if not more) for school loans and go into crazy debt for college. When they're not even sure what they want to do in life. I mean shi#t I still don't know what my dream job is and I'm 24. I'm still trying to figure it out. There's 70 year olds that are just now figuring out what their calling is in life. I don't know I just think it's criminal to tell young kids to go to college. I say if you're not sure on what your calling is go work at a job, get some hands-on experience. Try different things out and see what you like. Don't go to college, don't go into debt. Go work and save up money, try out new things and eventually you'll figure out what you're calling is. Whatever you get out of this blog post, please pleas please consider this... DO NOT LISTEN TO HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS PRESSURING YOU TO GO TO COLLEGE, THERE'S OTHER OPTIONS AND COLLEGE ISN'T FOR EVERYONE.

Back to what I was talking about before. I have been enjoying making videos, I can see myself doing this for awhile. I'm excited to look back on these videos with Josh and our family and remember holidays and birthdays together. I've been enjoying learning a whole new skill of editing and gaining confidence. I'm so happy I pulled the trigger on this and gave it a go. I was so unsure about it, thinking if I should start a channel or not. Doing this has really confirmed to me that, you really don't know if you're going to like something until you try it. I highly recommend, always go for it and try new things! Who would have thought at the age of 24 I made a Youtube videos!? I'm praying I get faster and better at editing, so I can pump out more videos and make it a weekly thing instead of a once a month thing! 

Something to remember, this probably goes for any career or entrepreneurial route you choose in life. I know people are probably watching my videos laughing at me because I look and sound awkward, I'm well aware of that. Just ignore those people, don't even acknowledge them or bat an eye at them. Someday when you are killing it on your business and doing well on YouTube or whatever it may be in your life. They'll be looking at you jealous wishing they were in your shoes. Keep doing your thing, keep blocking those people out. Do what's best for you and your family! Do what makes you happy!

I love this quote from Will Smith I actually posted about it on Instagram at some point. Just something to keep in mind as you're growing your business or career in general. Be yourself, do your own thing, and work hard. You're going to come across all different kinds of people and some will stay and some will go. But in the end keep doing your thing ❤️ Something I learned along the way. 

 I'm hoping to get a YouTube video talking about this also at some point. But for now this is my thoughts on it and my journey of how I got to where I am now!

See ya soon!




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