Sydney Grace Eyeshadow Review

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It's been awhile! So sorry for the slack on my end! Been busy working on my YouTube channel trying to keep up with that. Any who, a few weeks back I placed an order with Sydney Grace. This was my very first purchase through them. I heard about their eyeshadows from Mandy Lea, she did a video on Sydney Grace eyeshadows. It was so convenient because I was thinking of purchasing single eyeshadows and making my own palette, just to try it out see if it fits my style. My style of eyeshadow this past year has been a lot of pink like shades like a soft pink all over the eyelid. I think it's soft and delicate and matches with a lot of outfits. I've also been doing all quick eyeshadow looks one matte shade in the crease and then some sort of shimmer shade on the lid. At most my makeup takes about 15 minutes to do, if not less than that. 

So, with the Sydney Grace eyeshadows, I bought a bunch of pinkish shades and then chose one matte soft pink shade for the crease. Unfortunately, there was actually a lot of shades that I really wanted that were sold out. So, I had to make do with what was available. I figured once the shades I really wanted come back in stock I can purchase them a different month, not a big deal. I ended up ordering 10 different single eyeshadows. I know I ordered a ton haha, it quickly added up to. They came in pretty quick and right away I swatched them all. I ended up returning 3 of the shades because they weren't what I was looking for. Nothing wrong with them. I actually don't know what I was thinking when I ordered those specific 3 shades they weren't at all what I'm into color wise. One was bright purple, one was bright barbie pink, and the last one was a duo chrome like a pink purple shift. I think I just didn't pay close attention when I ordered, nothing that Sydney Grace did wrong.

There is a return policy and it's pretty straight forward. You can return them for a refund, but you have to pay for shipping. So it's up to you to see if it's worth it or not. For me it was roughly $3 to return them, so I thought it was worth it. But, it depends on each person. I was considering on keeping them and trying to resell them on Poshmark, but I figured it would take awhile for them to sell on there and I didn't really want them sitting around unused for that long. 

A few weeks went by after I returned the 3 eyeshadows out of the 10 that I ordered. I haven't seen any refund, so I emailed their customer service and they got back to me the next day, which is great. She apologized for the delay and said I should be seeing a refund within the next few days, so I'm still waiting on that. Not knocking them or anything they've been really quick to respond every time I've emailed them so I'm sure everything will work out. 

Back to the eyeshadow quality! So, I've been using the 7 other eyeshadows throughout the last few weeks and so far I'm VERY impressed. Especially with this being my first ever single eyeshadow purchase from this company, I mean I'm sold on ordering more. Like I mentioned above a lot of the shades I ordered, (which I'll list below) are all pretty similar. But, I have worn them and all and like the look I got out of them, so I can't complain! The two biggest things that impresses me with these eyeshadows are; how long they last and how pigmented they are! Every time I wear these eyeshadows and I shower at the end of the day. I scrub my makeup off and the eyeshadow somehow stays on, like perfectly stays on. I end up having to use some Albolene to take it off. The pigmentation in these eyeshadows are phenomenal probably some of the best I've ever came across. With that being said a little bit goes a long way. My favorites are the shimmers that I bought, I only bought one matte shade and that one matte shade is really good also!

Sydney Grace does sell empty Z palettes to hold the single eyeshadows, but all of them were sold out on her website when I placed my order. I ended up finding some on Amazon. I feel like the one on Amazon I got is little over priced for what it is and it only holds 3 eyeshadows. But, I was purposely looking for a small one to travel with and this is the only small one I could find. This Z palette works great though, I am happy with it and plan on purchasing a couple more to hold the rest of the eyeshadows. My plan is to make 3 or 4 smaller Z palettes if you're wondering why I don't just purchase one big Z palette. 

Typically the look I do with these eyeshadows, is the matte shade called Faithful all in the crease. Then I use my finger and put one of the shimmer shades all over the lid. Simple, straight forward look that's quick and still looks really pretty. 

Shimmer Shades:
Golden Strawberry
Save The Dance
Lucky Peach
Spring Fling
The Ballet

Returned Shades:
Golden Rose
Secret Eyeshadow

Matte Shade:

I'm excited for more of her eyeshadows to come back in stock! I definitely plan on ordering more from Sydney Grace because these performed so well. She has a ton of different eyeshadows also and some full palettes. The single eyeshadows varied in price by the way. They all ranged from $5-$8 when I was browsing. I'm hoping to film a YouTube video reviewing these more in depth and show me using them. 

I hope this was helpful if you're thinking of placing an order with Sydney Grace! I'll see you all next blog post!




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