Tanning Routine

Hey Everyone!

I gotta say a disclaimer right off the bat! Take all of this with a grain of salt. I'm VERY new to tanning, I've only done it a few of times, so I'm still learning to.

I watched a ton of YouTube videos before I went in with self tanner. Cause I obviously didn't want to go into it blindly and then look like a clown 😂 So first thing I did was watch a bunch of videos, looking into the most affordable, yet has a good end result product. I watched a bunch of videos, but this video I thought was the most helpful. It was helpful because she reviewed a bunch of drugstore affordable products. Affordable in my opinion. And she actually showed what the tan looked like the next day and described her opinions on them. She even showed how she applies it. I recommend watching that video it was just overall really helpful in making a decision. 

I also deep dived into some of the instagram bloggers on their recommendations and a lot of them recommended this self tanner I haven't tried this one yet, but this will be the next one I want to purchase: Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Water Mouse. A lot of them said this is the best drugstore tanner out there.

I actually ended up settling on this drugstore self tanner to try out for my first self tanning experience: Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun in Light Bronze. This stuff dries really fast which is SO nice and it looks good both with one coat of tan on or if you want to darken it more, two coats of tan looks great also. I usually do 2 coats of tan just because I think it lasts longer that way. I don't know if it actually lasts longer with two coats of tan, but it seems like it. And like I said it dries so fast that it really doesn't take long if you want to do two coats. I don't think it dries my skin out, but I also use a lot of hydrating lotion before I put the tanner on. So I haven't had any problems with dry skin while using this. 

The reason I ended up purchasing this one for my first self tanner was based off of the reviews on Amazon mostly. There's over 3,000 reviews and almost a 5 star product. I knew the big mistake with self tanner with starting out, is people go to dark with it and you can look straight up orange. So going into this I was really worried I would end up orange. With this Jergens brand I saw that they have this light bronze shade and a lot of the other ones seemed to have medium or deep bronze and I just didn't want to take the risk. Looking at the reviews, a lot of people were posting pictures of their tan with the light bronze shade and it looked like it was a nice soft light tan, which in my opinion seemed like the safe route. From what I learned with self tanning and from what I read, some of the reviews for this product suggested if you want to get it darker you can build it up, which I really liked. Another reason that drew me to this one, was that it dries in 60 seconds. It's quick, I don't have to wait around for hours waiting for it to dry down completely before putting another layer on. And lastly, is the price of this tanner. This tanner is around $10, so the price combined with the amount of reviews was really good. Something I have to mention... This is my very first self tanner I've EVER bought. So I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a self tanner and then end up hating it or it turns into a disaster. I really was looking for a self tanner that is safe. Best bang for your buck. A tanner that you can't mess up, just a good go to tanner. 

I've used this tanner a few times now, I'm almost out of it actually. I really like this tanner I will be repurchasing this one along with that Loreal one I mentioned above. In my opinion I don't think it's to orange, I like the mouse consistency of it and that it really does dry fast. It's slightly sticky, but nothing crazy. Stickiness doesn't really bother me either. I'll take a little bit of stickiness for an affordable self tanner, is how I look at it. I love that you can build it up, start with one coat of tanner and then put on a second layer if you want to bronze it up more. It lasts about a good 1-1.5 weeks for me, before I need to wash if off completely. Lasting power of a tanner is difficult to gage cause there's so many factors it depends on. How often you shower and shave, use skincare, how often you sweat. There's just so many things that can effect a self tanner. But, I usually get about a 1.5 weeks with this tanner on and then I'll take it all off. And I work out everyday so I think that says something there about it's lasting power. If you do need it on longer or you're in pinch, you can touch it up. For example if there's a spot that's coming off just do a half pump or full pump of tanner and rub it on. I wouldn't do this all the time, but yes if you're in a pinch go ahead and touch up the spots here and there. 

I watched this video who is also a blogger on Instagram on how to apply self tanner. Which was the most intimidating part of tanning for me. This was very helpful and she also has a recommendation on mitts to use to apply the tan and lotions she likes to use. In my opinion I just use any lotion you have around the house. Don't spend a ton of money on some nice lotion, just use what you have or get any cheap lotion that's hydrating. And for tanning mitts I use this one they have tons on Amazon that all have good reviews. Again, you can't go wrong with tanning mitts. I got the black colored one so I won't see the stains so badly versus the brown/tan colored one. The one I purchased is also nice cause it came with an exfoliating glove, which is actually super nice. And it came with a smaller mitt you're supposed to use on your face. I actually haven't used that smaller mitt yet, because from the videos I watched, a lot of people recommend using a makeup brush for your face. 

Lets get into the steps of how I prep and apply self tanner. 

1. Shower right before you put it on. Like I mentioned above the lasting power of a self tanner depends on a lot of different things and one of those things is showering. So get a shower in before you put this tanner on.

2. Exfoliate and Shave while you're showering. While you're showering get all of you're shaving done. This is a really important step because shaving really does take a self tanner off badly. And if you do have to shave with a self tanner on, shave with a VERY light hand. If you think about it, shaving over a self tanner literally shaves the tanner off. So try and go as long as you can without shaving, hence get it all done in this shower. Secondly, that self tanner mitt I mentioned above that came with an exfoliating mitt. After I get done shaving, I put some body wash on that exfoliating mitt and exfoliate my whole body that way. It helps get rid of dead or dry or flaky skin. It helps hydrating the skin so the self tanner sticks better is how I look at it. Also, exfoliating your entire body is always a good thing to do once in a while anyways!

3. Lotion When you're done showering and doing all those previous steps. It's time to lotion up. I've heard people do it all different ways, I tried both ways and both have worked fine for me. Grab whatever hydrating lotion you have laying around the house and put it either all over your body OR at least on your ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, hands, and feet. Those are all areas that typically get dry and self tanner (for whatever reason) can look really orange in those specific areas. Sometimes I put lotion everywhere, sometimes I just put it on those areas. Both have worked fine. 

4. Let lotion dry and prep your tanning area I suggest letting the lotion dry down a bit before you put on self tanner. I feel like the self tanner maybe applies better that way if you let the lotion sink in a bit. While this lotion is drying, I prep my tanning area. Self tanner does stain, so use any old dark clothing that you don't care if it gets stained. I usually lay down a towel or bath mat, so I don't get any on the floor. Honestly, putting self tanner on does not get messy, all of this is just for incase purposes. Don't think it's this huge messy process, because it's really not haha. Get your tanner out, clothes you want to change into when you're done, your tanning mitt, lay down the bath mat or towel, put your hair up, etc. And whatever else you think you'll need while applying this tanner. 

5. Start with one pump of self tanner per body section. This is what I did when I used self tanner the first time and it works great! For example; I put the tanning mitt on my right hand. Pump 1 pump into the mitt and then apply it on my left arm. Then I move to my chest area apply 1 pump there, then move to my stomach and apply 1 pump there. The neck and collar bone area use 1 pump there. And so on, one pump on the upper half of your leg and 1 pump on the bottom half of the leg. Again, I suggest watching this video on how to apply self tanner. This is the video I watched and followed along with when I first started using self tanner, it worked great for me. She also shows how to apply tanner on the wrist areas and ankles and fingers which can get tricky when starting out. Use what's left of the self tanner on the mitt over the ankle and wrists area then it won't come out so orange. Don't just pump it out and slap it on the hands or feet. Self tanner is something where a little bit goes a long way. You can kind of feel once you're getting close to using up what's on the mitt, if that makes sense? Try and not get any self tanner on the palms, it's not a huge deal, but typically people don't put tanner on their palms. But in the end it's up to you where you put the tanner. There's not a wrong way. With the fingers you can use a mitt or a makeup brush. I've tried it both ways and both work fine. Again, don't do a whole pump of tanner on the hands/wrist area use what's left on the mitt. OR use like a half pump of the tanner on the mitt or makeup brush for the fingers, if you decide to do that part separately. Make sure you're not leaving your fingers straight, the self tanner doesn't get into the creases of your knuckles when your fingers are pointed straight. You have to bend your fingers so it gets in between the knuckle areas. Lastly, for the face I think a lot of people don't put tanner on their face because when you take your makeup off at night it just takes the tanner off also. BUT you can, I sometimes do it. Like I said before, in the end it's your decision where you want to put the tanner. There's no right or wrong way. For the face I do use a makeup brush. I put about a dime sized amount on the brush and rub it all over the face. That's it I don't use any more than that just a tiny dime sized amount. I use that brush from my chin and up to my hairline. The neck portion I use the mitt. I put one pump of tanner on the mitt and rub it on the front and back of neck up into the hairline and all over the collar bone area. The feet/toes treat just like the hands/wrist if you want an even tan. Go in with a little amount with a brush or mitt. For me I workout a lot, so I honestly don't care at all how the feet/toes look because they're usually covered with socks. My feet area is typically the first place where the tan starts fading first (because of sweat). I just go in with the mitt and rub all over on the feet area 😂 

Let the first layer of tan dry and then go in with another layer if you want it to be more bronzed up. After you put that first layer of self tanner on everywhere. Let it completely dry, the Jergens brand only takes 60 seconds to dry down, but each self tanner is different. Let it completely dry and then if you want it to be darker or more bronze go in and do the exact same routine again like I explained in the last step. Let me point out this Jergens brand tanner is a gradual tan. So after 60 seconds it won't be the completed look if that makes sense. You'll look a little darker, but it slowly gets darker throughout the day. It's not an instant after 60 seconds you're going to see your completed bronzed look. This tanner is for pretty fair skin, which is why I usually go in with 2 layers of this self tanner. Now I know there's other ways to do this. You could obviously go in the first time around and use 2 pumps, 3 pumps, or however many pumps of tanner you want. Basically the more pumps you use the darker you'll get. This routine I'm going over is for anyone that's just starting out. I don't want you guys going in the first time with 3 pumps of tanner and wake up in the morning shocked with how dark you look. I'm just going over the safe way, no mess up routine. Which is start with 1 pump at a time for each section of your body. Let it dry for 60 seconds and then go in with more layers if you'd like. Usually 2 layers of this self tanner is perfect for me. And like I said it gets darker as the day goes on, it's a gradual tan. I typically put self tanner on at night before I go to bed, so then the tanner is completely done drying in the morning. Then when I wake up in the morning the gradual tan is done. It's the completed bronzed up look. I know some people shower after they're done with the layer of tanner and its complete dry and all bronzed. BUT I actually don't do this every time. I guess I just don't get why I would put on the self tanner just to wash it off immediately after? It just doesn't make sense to me I guess. I just put the 2 layers of self tanner on, go to bed. I don't shower it off in the morning or anything I just carry on with my day as usual. 

Touch Ups. After you're tan is done and a few days have gone by don't be afraid to touch it up. If you see a spot fading on your arm for example, just take the mitt do a half pump of self tanner or a full pump and rub it in completely. Touch ups isn't something I would do everyday because then your tan will get splotchy. There will be random dark spots and light spots if you do these touch ups every day. But yes, if you're in a pinch, don't be afraid to pull your mitt out and use a little self tanner to touch it up, everyone does it. Touch ups do save time and you get a little bit longer with your tan. I know some people go in with lotion throughout the time they have their tanner on to keep their skin hydrated. It's supposed to keep the tan on longer supposedly. I don't find for myself that I NEED lotion with this tanner, the most I'll do is put some on my knees once in awhile. BUT you can if you want to. 

Washing the tanner off. With this Jergens self tanner I usually get about 1-1.5 weeks with this self tanner, before I need to wash it off completely. With doing touch ups I usually get about 2 weeks with it. But, it's up to you of course you can leave it on as long or as short as you want there's no rule to it. But, when it's time to wash it off I usually take that exfoliating mitt in the shower, put some body wash (whatever body soap you have on hand) on that exfoliating mitt, and that usually takes off the tan pretty good. At least good enough in my opinion, enough that you could get out of the shower and put a whole new layer of tanner on if you wanted to. Pretty simple and straightforward. I suggest using some lotion after you get all of the tanner off, just because I think every tanner whether they say they're hydrating or not I think they all do dry your skin out in some way or another. Nothing crazy, just suggesting it 🤷🏻‍♀️

I think I covered my whole routine, like I said I'm still pretty new to this whole self tanning routine. But, I've done it enough times at this point and I think for being new to this, every time I've done this routine, I've been pretty impressed with the outcome. I definitely recommend this Jergens Natural Glow in Light Bronze if you have fair skin like me. They have other shades also! I think this tanner is so easy and quick to use. It's so easy to layer up to a darker tone. I just think this a solid, fool proof tanner. You can't screw it up because it's so natural of a tan to start off, but it's so buildable to get to the bronzy shade you want. It dries so fast which makes the whole routine quick, you're not spending hours waiting for each layer of tan to dry before you go in with another layer. I actually love the gradual tan how it gets darker throughout the day and then end result to me is great shade of bronze. Not to orange or to light in my opinion it's exactly what I'm looking for. And when this tanner does fade, it has a nice gradual fade. It doesn't fade all spotty or anything. 

The next tanner I want to try is that Loreal Sublime Bronze. I keep hearing good things about it and it's around the same cost as this Jergens one. They actually sound pretty similar, which is why I'm curious. I'll let you guys know what I think after I've tried it a few times. But this is my routine that works for me I think it's pretty simple and straightforward for anyone that's just starting out their self tanning journey. I was nervous starting out and did a lot of research before I went in, so I thought this would be helpful for anyone that comes across it and needs some suggestions or an easy step by step process.

Thanks for reading! I'll see ya guys soon!



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