Tape In Makeup Routine?!

Hey Everyone!

A little quick tip I wanted to share when you're doing makeup! This is actually pretty well known, not my idea, but it is a good idea. This trick is something that I wish I knew about when I first started doing makeup, so I wanted you guys to know.

When I started to learn how to do makeup from YouTube videos, I saw the YouTuber RachhLoves put tape on the sides of her eyes. I'm thinking, "that's weird I've never seen that before?" She put this tape on the outside of her eyes and then went in and did her eye makeup. I remember when she finished her eye look, she peeled the tape off and I couldn't believe how good it looked. The tape had made this perfectly crisp line, no clean up with a makeup wipe, no having to go back in with a brush and fixing anything, it looks perfect. 

My problem before I saw her video, was it was always so messy on the outside of my eye. I could never get a straight crisp line like other makeup people could do. It always looked messy and not even. I think I have hooded eyes and that makes it more difficult for me also. AND I sucked at eyeliner, getting a perfectly straight was nearly impossible for me haha. I practiced all the time and still was no good at it. Which turned into a lot of the times I just didn't wear eyeliner. 

So when I saw that tape trick from Rachhloves I tried it that day. And I couldn't believe the difference it made! I mean it seriously fixed all the problems I was having. If you messed up on your eyeliner, it's fine because the tape is there to catch any of the mistakes. It helped make a perfectly straight line. You could be all over the place with the eyeshadow and it's fine because again the tape is there to create that crisp line. You rip the tape off and it's perfect! It takes all your worries and stress away when doing your eye makeup. 

I know this isn't some revolutionary trick. It's been around for awhile I just didn't hear about it until a couple of years ago and it really has been life changing when doing my makeup. So thought you guys should know about! Give it try and let me know what you think!

See ya next blog!


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