Tati's New Makeup Palette!

Hey Everyone!

I've been using Tati's Neutrals Vol. 1 palette for awhile now, almost everyday this last month. And I gotta say, it's incredible! Like I need to get rid all the other palettes I own and just use this Tati palette. I never make creative colorful looks with eyeshadow, literally never. So when I saw she was releasing this neutral palette I was all about it.

Unfortunately, this palette is expensive in my opinion. I've NEVER spent over $50 on a makeup palette before or on any makeup ever. So I was going back and forth on this palette if it was worth the price, I was thinking I also already have palettes that have those colors in it, it's just another neutral palette... So much back and forth was going in my head. Tati released this palette in November which is my birthday month, so I decided to buy it as a gift for myself. Also Josh and I budgeted more money in my makeup category of the budget. I was actually so back and forth on this dang palette, I ended up asking for Josh's opinion if I should buy it or not haha. I pulled the trigger and bought it. And I'm so happy I did because I have been using it just about everyday.

When she was advertising it as an everyday palette it really is perfect for everyday. My favorite shadows in it are probably the glitter shadows and that's because I don't own anything with glitter and the glitter actually stays on the eyes. The sequin shadows that everyone is talking about, they're nice I just don't really know how to use the. Because they're not shimmery enough for an all over the lid look and I don't really put shimmery shadows on the outter corner I usually use straight matte shades in the outter corner and crease of the eye. So I think it's just me still figuring out how to use the sequin shades. The mattes are incredible though SUPER pigmented and blend well and like the perfect warm color. And I'm someone that will use just about every shadow in the palette even the red shades and black because those let me go a little bit out of my comfort zone so I'm excited to experiment with black eye shadow. 

My ONLY gripe with the palette and it's not even really a big deal. I mean honestly it wouldn't surprise me if her next palette is this. But I wish the palette had cool tones in it. I've been doing a lot of cool tone looks, it's just what I've been into lately but there's no cool tones in her palette. Like I said though it wouldn't surprise me at all if her next palette volume 2 is maybe a neutral all cool tones shades. If so I'm going to definitely buy that palette to haha. Not a big deal at all, I mean I still have been using her palette almost everyday so obviously I still love it. 

I love the palette and recommend it if you can afford it. It's expensive it's over $50 after shipping and if you can't afford it look into Colourpop eyeshadows. You can find super similar palettes or single eyeshadows like it this Tati one. That's a quick run down on this palette. Expensive, but I love it haha!

See you all next time!


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