Tech Gift Guide 2020

Hi Everyone!

Here's a Tech Gift Guide! I'll be continually adding to this blog post for the rest of November and December 2020! So if you need ideas from now and until Christmas keep checking back here! I think I got a good mix of ideas and like I said I'll keep adding as I come up with more ideas. ALSO some stuff I linked comes in different, colors, sizes, styles, etc. So make sure if you click the links to check out the entire store or website. I'm throwing this out there so then you have other options and ideas for gifts.

Note: These are not affiliate links or sponsored or anything just things I found that I think are good gifts for people! 


Mini Tripod

Big Tripod


AirPods case:

Amazon Echo Show
Pretty much all of the Amazon Echos are on some sort of huge discount. I linked the Echo Show this but all of them have some sort of sale.

Amazon Echo Dot

Smart Plug

Smart Bulb

Alexa Christmas Tree

Mouse Pad


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Controllers

Pokemon Sword Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Headphones

Thumb Grips for Nintendo Switch Controller

Nintendo Switch Lite Case

iPhone 11 Apple Case 
You can get these iPhone apple brand cases in any phone iPhone generation  I just linked up the iPhone 11 version

Nintendo Switch Game Case

Playstation 5 Console
This has obviously been sold out everywhere. But I wanted to link it because I saw that sometimes it pops up back for sale then sells out immediately. So maybe check on it throughout the day and weeks leading up to Christmas. Also check on it everywhere Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy not just one place. At least I know I have been checking on it everywhere to see if I can squeeze an order in before it sells out again haha!

Playstation 5 Digital Edition

Xbox One X
This one has also been sold out just like the Playstation 5. I suggest checking on it everywhere to see if it is available occasionally. 

Charging Station

Nintendo Switch Lite





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