Hi Everyone!

I wanted to fill everyone in where I've been lately! Nothing bad or anything just been busy over here. My husband and I both work from home, I mean a lot of people are right now. But since starting my Youtube channel in January 2020, I've been trying to work on that and learn more about Youtube. How to edit videos, get some content out on my channel, get more confident being on Youtube. Nothing bad or anything, it takes time learning a whole new skill. Especially editing videos, if you're new to editing videos you'll know what I mean. It's very time consuming. So with that being said... the time I usually take to write blogs, I've been using it to learn more about Youtube. Is the quickest way to say it haha. 

My husband Josh is also looking at new teams at Amazon, he wants to learn more about iOS apps. Some of the teams he's looking into are located in Austin Texas so we're thinking of potentially moving again. NOTHING SET IN STONE. He's still talking and researching some teams, but yes we are opened too moving. Because we're thinking of moving we're also looking into lease options. Our lease here in Seattle is up in June or July. Since we are opened too moving, I want to look into other leases in both Seattle and Austin. I also need to check our apartment and ask they do lease extensions and how much that would cost. We need to decide if we want to rent or buy next, but that depends if Josh gets a job in Austin or not. Like I said this is all in the beginning process and this type of stuff takes a while. I talked about it a little deeper in a video I made a couple weeks back. How the process of switching teams goes for a software engineer. 

Josh is working with a friend right now learning how code in a new language and Josh also started blogging. The blogging he is doing is more for software engineers showing step by step process giving his insight and opinions on things. The one he is working on now is little more heavy filled with information. So it's taking him a bit longer. But so far he's been enjoying it and it's keeping him busy.

The next thing Josh and I are taking care of is a will for us. I know a lot of people think we're too young for a will. We think anyone 18 and older should have a will. So we need to sit and do some research on that. How much it cost, lawyers, exactly what we want written in the will, etc. This is something we meant to do last year when we lived in NC, we had these great ideas for a will and never ended up going and getting it written down. So now we're definitely going and getting this done this month no matter what. 

Since Josh and I got our concealed carry license last month, were taking this month to go to the shooting range and practice. We are going to go a few times and get an idea of what guns Josh and I want purchase. We ran out time last month to do this, so again this is something we want to get done this month. 

This is basically a long list of to-do's haha, but I'm just explaining why I've been so quiet lately on the blog side of things. Josh and I are also thinking and going over ideas to start both a podcast and a meetup group. We both actually recorded a podcast already we just need to edit it and then post it on our actual podcast accounts. We don't really know the direction of the podcast we want to go with it, but I mean the point of podcasting is you can do what you want with it. So maybe it'll just be a catch all haha! With the meetup group we want to start, it's kind of the same deal. We have ideas for it but the ideas we have are across the board all different topics. So again not sure the direction with the meetup groups but maybe it'll just be a catch all meetup.

And last thing what we're doing right now that's taking up a lot of time is we're actually going over Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes. So each day the past 2-3 weeks we've been watching his lessons each day. We want to teach the class at some point once we finish the lessons. So after we finish the class we'll sign up to be teachers and then Dave Ramsey Solutions will send us teachers handbook. Then we can go run a class at a church or in our apartment where ever there's space that's available. 

So a lot on our plate right now! But we love it! It's keeping us busy especially at times like this where almost everyone is locked inside. I was telling Josh about this the other day. I know everything that's going on right now is terrible. But looking on the bright side of things, thinking positively about all of this. In a round about way this has been really good for us giving both Josh and I the nudge we needed to start all of these next adventures. Starting the podcasts, blogs, Financial Peace University courses, wills, shooting range practice, meetup groups. All of this in our eyes has a been a good thing. Try and look at the good things, even when everything seems to be falling apart. It really has been keeping Josh and I so positive through all of this. 

Don't worry I haven't given up blogging! Like I said I've been busy with all of this other stuff. I'll be getting back to the regular blog posts soon, once we get on a more regular schedule and figure out all of this Youtube and podcasting stuff things will start to be more consistent. 

I hope this answered some questions for people that have been wondering where I've been. I have little make-up Monday blog I want to post up tomorrow. Just a quick one I thought I'd write about!

See ya tomorrow!



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