We bought a Nintendo Switch!

Welcome in Everyone!!!

Josh and I finally bought a Nintendo Switch and we're so friggin excited!!! When we got married and traveled to North Carolina, I sold all of my game systems. I didn't want to travel with them we only had so much room between our 2 cars. But also didn't want to leave them at my parents cause you know leave and cleave like it says in the Bible. I also think it would be weird leaving a bunch of stuff at my parents house like it's THEIR house not a storage unit for my stuff. The funny thing is when Josh and I got married, I hadn't played any of those game systems since high school, so I was thinking, "Whatever chances of me playing these games are slim and we need money to travel to our new apartment. So might as well sell them all." And now here I am totally wanting to play all these games I got rid of LOL! 

It's alright though it worked out for the better cause now Josh and I have one of the newest game systems and plan on getting the new Playstation when it comes out next year! This decision did not come easily either haha! We did SO MUCH RESEARCH into what system to get. Cause think about it Josh and I haven't been keeping up with all the game releases cause we didn't want to pay for them! So we had no idea what the newest systems were or best games that were out!

We ruled out the Xbox pretty quick cause a lot of the games that we wanted were on the Playstation and the Playstation is coming out with a new system next year. So because of that we decided to go with a Switch! But this was after hours of walking through Target and Best Buy looking at games and systems haha. The Switch also has a ton of games, nostalgic games that we both grew up playing. We also saw that Nintendo is coming out with a new Pokemon game (I know I'm a loser!) in November and it's supposed to be like a remake of the old school games but 1,000 times better! Josh is excited for it also I think we might even pre order it! The other thing about the Switch that we thought we would like and use a lot is you can have like 8 people playing at a time. We have a ton of friends that have a Switch that we'll be able to play with online. Also I think the cost a year for the online Switch is cheap only $25 a year. So we ordered a Switch, a customized Link controller (Josh use to play Link when he was younger and it was on a crazy sale on Amazon), Smash Bros. and Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! Watched a lot of Youtube videos about the games we picked and only heard good reviews about them so we're super pumped to try them out!

I think we're just so excited to finally have a newer game system, be able to afford it and have an online gaming option. We both grew up playing video games so it's something we knew we both wanted after we pay our loans off. Little treat for us after all the hard work! Our Switch comes in on Thursday and you bet we'll be locked in all weekend playing it all night and day LOL!!!

See ya next blog post!


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