Weekend Shenanigans!

Hey Everyone!

We had a blast this past weekend! Josh's sister Jessica came to visit this weekend! We basically showed her your typical Seattle touristy places; gum wall, took her on the ferry to Brainbridge Island, Pike Place, Troll under the bridge in Fremont and of course some breweries! 

I always wonder why people get so weird about showing people that visit the typical "touristy" areas? Like, it's called tourist spots for a reason, they're cool unique places that people should check out when they visit. It seems like every city my husband and I have been to, we always come across locals that go, "Oh don't go there... everyone goes there and it's not even that cool. You should go to this place..." Of course we appreciate the input and sometimes we do take their recommendations, but like sometimes they get overly weird about it. If we're visiting a place we want to see the unique thing that's in that particular city ya know!?

Anyway! Josh had to work after we picked Jessica up, so me and her just hung out talked about life and changes that's been happening. It was actually great catching up I can't wait to do it more often with people! After Josh got home we drove to this troll that lives under this bridge in Fremont. Fremont is known in Seattle as being the weird part of Seattle. Very hippie, has weird statues that don't really make sense or no meaning, (hence the troll under the bridge!) just a weird place haha! We get there and it was nothing like I was expecting! It actually is a giant statue of a creepy lookin troll under the bridge! I thought it was going to be this little funny looking thing like my height, get a quick picture, but no it was HUGE like we all had to climb it to get a picture!

 After seeing the troll under the bridge, we stopped at Fremont brewing for a couple of drinks. Josh has gone to this brewery before and said it was pretty popular and had good drinks. It was packed when we got there almost couldn't find seating! I got my usual a sour it was good I actually ordered it twice lol. Jessica got an IPA and an imperial india pale ale . And then Josh got an oatmeal stout and a pale ale. We were also puppy watching! So many good looking dogs were going in and out of that brewery, definitely got some puppy fever at the brewery HAHA! Afterwards we went and grabbed some dinner at a Thai restaurant. Josh and I talked a bit about how we need to explore/expand our restaurant palette. It felt like we were always sticking to the same 3 types of food; Mexican food, bar food and southern style. So basically, cheeseburgers, fries, chicken, tacos haha! So moving here we wanted to try other types of foods, see if we can expand our taste or not. The place we went to was really good! I got some type of noodle dish that was really good, Jessica got some type of soup that looked super spicy, and Josh got curry . By the time we finished we got home and went to bed right away, Jessica was up for almost 24 hours I'm surprised she was still kickin actually lol!

The next day was a little more laid back we all slept in a bit. Josh had to work still so he worked from home for half a day and then had to go in for some meetings the second half. Jessica and I chilled and watched a Hulu docuseries called The Act. We really got into it literally watched the entire series all morning that day HAHA! And I don't feel bad! While watching we talked a bit to; about life, how people change, married life and being in a different place in life than our friends. The docuseries was crazy I couldn't believe it was based off of real events, I actually went back today and watched the first couple of episodes that I missed, I thought it was so good lol!

We both got ready and met up with Josh at work and walked around Pike Place. I always forget how big that area is, it really does take a good chunk of the day walking through it. We pretty much walked Pike Place, stopped into some of the little shops in it and had tons of samples of food! Of course we had to stop at the gum wall and get a picture and then headed to a brewery. Jessica has this brewery passport that the Rosenow family are all in. It's a competition and if you know the Rosenow's they're competitive! She needed to get a stamp on it to say she stopped at that particular brewery! I'm actually surprised there was a brewery on that passport in Seattle most of them are located in Wisconsin I thought? We went and got some dinner at Henry's Tavern. It's this super delicious tavern that we live right by. Awesome food and awesome drinks what could be better!

The last day Saturday, Jessica was here we decided to take the ferry to Brainbridge Island and do some wine tastings. Again we took our time slept in and got ready. We took the Jump bikes to the ferry since walking would have taken like 40 minutes. NO THANK YOU! The Jump bikes take like 10-15 minutes. It was funny it seems like whenever we need the Jump bikes, all of the bikes around our apartment are always busted or out of charge... This same exact thing happened last time when Josh's brother Jake was here in July! So Josh and I had our bikes and we needed one more for Jessica, so we're walking around trying to find the nearest bike. Had to walk in the opposite direction to get the one and only available bike LOL!!! After we got the bike we headed there and it was insane how packed it was at this ferry. Last time Josh and I went there for our anniversary it was so quick, walked up the stairs and right onto the ferry. No waiting not even for a second. But this time we got there and had to wait like 30 minutes in the longest line I've ever seen. We got on the ferry and it was beautiful out! Perfect breeze coming from the ferry moving, loved the views you can see while being on the ferry! It was to gloomy to see Mount Rainier, but still beautiful pictures of the Seattle skyline. Like I said in my Instagram post, I really do think Seattle has the best skyline! We got off the ferry and went to a total of 3 wineries took a total of maybe 3-4 hours. It was nice sippin on wine and talking about life and future plans with everything! It was kind frustrating how early everything closed on this island. I'm over there thinking, "It's a Saturday how is everything closing at 4pm or 5pm on Saturday? Like Saturday should be the busiest day right?"

We stopped at this toy store and boy did it bring back memories! They had the cutest little nit nacks you could find. Giant stuffed animals and giant stuffed fruit plush toys! Cute little plastic finger glove things! Everything you could imagine was there! Even old school kids toys, things I completely forgot existed as a kid! We actually were in there for honestly probably like an hour, just amazed at this place haha!

Because everything closed so early we hopped back onto the ferry. We planned on leaving on the 7pm ferry, but we were able to catch the 6:15pm ferry. The captain was literally closing the gates and we were sprinting up the dock I was screaming, "Don't close that gate!!! We're here!!! We're here!!!" I think he was a little pissy, I mean lets be honest that probably happens everyday to him. But hey, he held the gate open for us! Got back and went straight to dinner at a bar near our apartment. We all didn't eat like anything all day, so we pretty much ordered the biggest plates, we were all so hungry. And YUP we ate every last bite of our food. It was all so good!!!

Jessica's flight to LA was early the next day Sunday at like 6am I think it was? Josh offered to take her to the airport. I didn't see the point in both of us going or both of us being tired the next day. It's embarrassing how lazy we were on Sunday HAHA! We were so busy this whole weekend we literally just took Sunday off completely and watched Netflix and rested! Just catching up on sleep!

It was such a fun weekend!!! I wish we could do that every weekend!!! Literally love when people visit us so come visit!!! HAHAHA

XOXO Brittany 



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