Welcome to Makeup Mondays!!! (part one)

Hi Everyone!!!

Since finishing up the blog posts for our travel to Seattle I'm going to shift on into a series I guess you can call it? Makeup Mondays! Anyone that knows me knows growing up I HATED MAKEUP anything girly was not me at all ask any of my friends, Allison, Rachel, Kristen, Mom, Dad, Tyler, Peter, Steven, you name it any friend knows I NEVER wore makeup. I was a straight up tomboy as boy as they come. I played soccer my whole life, wore boy clothes, played all the video games I can even pull up pictures of me looking like a straight up boy. Not gonna lie kind of embarrassed how I looked back then, but I know I shouldn't thats just what I was like and what I was comfortable with. Like when people show me pictures back then I cringe and just thinking to myself, put that away I don't want to see myself like that haha.

But saying all this I guess I'm getting at that maybe I like skipped my girly phase and it hit me later in life? If that makes sense. Cause it seems like every girl goes through a slight tomboy phase ya know? Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like it. And maybe my tomboy phase just lasted way longer and the girly phase is hitting me in my 20s now. Also don't forget everyone changes whether you want to believe it or not, it is true everyone changes and I definitely have changed for the better! Like obviously I'm not the same person back when I was 5 years old. My interests have changed and I think this goes for everyone, values change, how I look changed, hobbies change, dreams change, literally everything changes the list can go on forever. And sometimes people don't like that, but that's reality it happens to everyone. 

I can even remember the day I started becoming more girly. It was my first year of college and my roommates Alyxis and Kelsey at the time bought me some colored nail polish it was red, white, and blue my favorite colors. and there was a sparkly nail polish topper. I remember I put it on and I like couldn't recognize myself I was so self conscious to even leave the apartment because I wasn't use to it at all. It's like I don't know what the big deal is, I knew it was weird being so self conscious of fricken nail polish, but I guess it's just the shock of like looking so different. I was so deep into being a tomboy for years also, I never thought I would where nail polish in my life! This same exact feeling happened the first time my friends Allison and Rachel straightened my hair super self conscious, couldn't even recognize myself and that scared me lol! I thought I was going to walk outside and everyone was going to bug me about how different I looked. 

They did bother me seeing the nail polish and it was super annoying the last thing I wanted was people being like, "Oh my gosh Brittany you're wearing nail polish!!!" Like yeah obviously I know that and I'm already uncomfortable so please stop bringing more attention to it, I just want to carry on with my day and get use to this. Like I'm trying to be more girly and break out of my comfort zone and making me uncomfortable drawing all this unwanted attention is making it worse.

I know this isn't Monday I'm well aware. I wrote this out on Monday and was going to share it, but my husband and I had a lot of errands to run. But, these type of posts about makeup will be put out on Mondays! I'll share more later about my shift into makeup otherwise this post introduction into will be pages long.

ta ta for now!

Brittany Schmidt



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