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You read that title right! We are OFFICIALLY MOVING TO AUSTIN TEXAS! I know I've been mentioning it here and there over Instagram and Facebook. Saying that Josh has been interviewing with other Amazon teams. I made a Youtube video about it also! I talked a little bit about the process of Josh's interviews, being a software engineer. It's a fairly long process, for the most part. Keep in mind Josh is still working for Amazon, just for a different team. 

So a couple of things that pushed us for this move. One; back when we first moved to North Carolina, we both were talking how at some point in our life we wanted to try out living in Texas. Before this, we really didn't have any reason to move to Texas, so now when the opportunity came to us we took it! This opportunity really came at the perfect time to. Second; this move is moving in the direction that Josh wants to take his career. Josh has been trying the last couple of years getting into working on iOS software engineering. And this team is working on iOS, which is exactly what Josh has been looking for. Third reasons; after looking at the cost of living in Texas compared to the cost of living in Seattle. The cost of living in Texas is significantly lower. I mean I'm talking it's half the price. As you know, we were house searching in Seattle the last few months. And when this job opportunity came up for Josh and started getting serious, we were searching on Zillow for houses in Austin Texas. And the prices of the houses in Austin were shockingly low, we couldn't believe it. I guess I thought the cost of living would be the same as Seattle, so that's why it's a shock to me haha! Fourth reason; after doing some research, I'm really thinking Austin will just be a better fit for us. The weather is warm, which is what we like. The lifestyle people have there is what we are looking for. At least going off what we are seeing and reading online, it seems like a good fit. Obviously I could be wrong we both have never been to Texas before.

Which leads me into my next topic! We both have never been to Texas, so it's a pretty big move for us! I mean same thing when we moved to Seattle, we both have never been here before, so we didn't really know what to expect. Besides what we were reading online of course. Another thing, Josh and I just like traveling and moving. In all honesty every time we've moved it's been on a quick short notice and we really like that quick planning. I feel like we almost get a high from it, from the excitement and organizing getting everything figured out. I know I talked about this in another blog post. Saying how when we got married we both said how we never want to be that couple that moves and then stays in one house forever. Or the couple that has kids and feels obligated to stay in one place for them. If either of our jobs wants us to move to better our careers we're going to move. That's just how we are. Our mindset is kids will make new friends, kids will learn and experience new environments, it'll force them out of their comfort zones. We think moving will be a good thing. It's not just bettering our careers, it's also bettering our entire family. REMEMBER everyone has a different opinion and that's okay, I know Josh and I probably have the unpopular opinion. And that's okay 😊 But yeah Josh and I like traveling and trying out new cities. We never want to be locked into one city or one house. 

I hope you all don't think we hate Seattle. We've liked Seattle, we really have! Which is why we are kind of nervous to move, cause you know you get that feeling you don't want to make a mistake. But again, this is how we felt when we left North Carolina. If you think about it... if you move and you try out a new city and realize later on that you think you made a mistake... You can always just move back! It's not a big deal. We figured we can stay in Austin, give it a year, and if we miss Seattle we can just move back there. 

Where we are at right now in the process as I'm typing this is, waiting for Josh's manager here in Seattle to pick an end date for Josh. So how that works is Josh's soon to be manager in Austin contacts his manager here in Seattle and they pick an end day for Josh. I don't know how long or short that takes. After they figure an end date, they contact Josh and go over a relocation package and start date. So in the meantime we are just planning the move right now. Figuring out what to keep, get rid of, sell anything, start packing, if we want to rent, or buy, which way we want to take to get to Austin, how long it'll take to travel, if we want movers or do it ourselves. The whole process of moving, just coming up with a game plan until we hear back from his managers. 

Something we're a little bummed about is our HOP PASSPORT! I always talk about the hop passport on social media cause I actually love it. But since we're moving we can't get to all of breweries now in the passport haha! We're thinking if we have 2 weeks before we have to start our move, we think we could get to the rest of them! It's a stretch, but I think we can do it if we have 2 weeks haha!

I'm interviewed Josh and will have it up on our podcast soon. It's up on YouTube right now! We talk a little bit deeper of why we are moving and what we are looking forward to, all of it. Then you can all hear from the both of us! But this is where we are at right now. We really excited for this move, we think Austin Texas will be a good fit for us! I'll keep you all posted!


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