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Josh and I have moved a good amount in our life so far. The 3 years we've been married we've moved 4 times. I think at this point we pretty much got our system down that works for us and in my opinion pretty affordable. Obviously the cheapest way to move is to just fit everything in your car and go. No moving company or anything (which is what we did when we moved from Wisconsin to North Carolina.) When Josh got the job at Amazon and we moved from NC to Seattle, Amazon offered a relocation package. There was a couple of different options Amazon offered with the relocation packages. These packages are all different from each company and each individual, so I'm not going to get into detail about that, it really does vary from person to person. Basically, if you're moving it's likely different from what they offered us. We decided to go with the lump sum so they give you this money that you put towards moving, is basically what it is. 

Josh and I did a ton of research and Googling of the cheapest way to move. We were in a position where it's just the two of us, we don't have that much stuff at all. The biggest furniture we had was our mattress. We didn't a need a big truck or people coming in and moving it for us. We looked into a bunch of different moving companies and options out there and honestly we just couldn't justify spending the amount of money for people to move our stuff for us. It was around $5,000 for people to come in and wrap it up for you, move it into the truck and they drive it away. It was just crazy expensive in our opinion... considering we didn't have that much stuff. 

I remember we were up late one night and I was telling Josh how I can't believe there's no company out there that will just drive our stuff to where we need it to be. Because we would be doing all the work, we literally just needed it driven somewhere. We don't have a truck and we only have one vehicle. So like I said... We truly just needed someone to drive it somewhere, we would pack it all up ourselves. We were up late doing research and we came across UBox. Basically UHaul supplies these huge boxes. They fit a ton of stuff in them, we fit our entire one bedroom apartment in it and there was probably still 90% of that box that was still empty. Keep in mind we didn't have furniture in it besides our mattress, this UBox holds a ton of stuff. 

These UBoxes was EXACTLY what we were looking for! I can't believe these weren't the first thing that pops up as a suggestion to move with. You load it up yourself and it comes with a ton of blankets for packaging, so if things move around while it's in transit it protects your stuff. They have videos on their website on how to load it, so your stuff won't move around as much, they're optional, but I think they're worth taking a watch. You schedule the days that you need to pack it and the the day you want it shipped out. It calculates how long it'll be in transit and you can pick which day you want it to arrive at the destination. All of that is done online it's super easy. UHaul then parks it in front of your place or you can pick it up yourself. They leave it parked at your place for how ever many days you picked online. You load it up and then they pick it up! Super easy stress free. They can either drop it off either at a UHaul location or in front of your new place. The pricing is all dependent on where you drop it off and how miles it's traveling. But all of the pricing you'll find online when you're scheduling. Both times we've moved, Durham North Carolina to Seattle Washington and Seattle Washington to Austin Texas, we used a UBox. Like I said previously the pricing of one depends on how miles you're traveling. So both times we've moved (which is pretty far) costs about $2,000. I know that seems like a lot, but trust me. When you compare it to other moving companies or hiring someone to move everything for you. This is significantly cheaper. 

I want to point out that I'm aware this route probably isn't for everyone. I just want to point this UBox option out because when we did research into moving. This option didn't show up right away on Google suggestions. We kind of had to search for it, if that makes sense. 

Another thing to point out is keep in mind some places don't let you park the UBox at their apartments. So something to keep in mind is always ask the apartment or wherever you're moving to, ask about dropping/leaving your UBox at the place. For example, when we moved here to Seattle there was a TON of paperwork we had to fill out to park our UBox at this apartment here in Seattle, because we live in such a tight downtown area. Basically the amount of paperwork we had to fill out wasn't worth it. So we decided to rent a UHaul truck in Seattle, pick up the UBox at the UHaul location in Seattle and then drive it to our apartment in Seattle. Sounds crazy but yes it was still cheaper doing that than hiring a moving company. When we got the UBox in North Carolina they dropped off the UBox at our Durham apartment for us because there was room in the parking lot at that apartment. Just something to keep in mind. Renting a truck at UHaul if I remember correctly is only $20, which is why for us in our opinion it was worth it. It was worth renting a truck for $20 and dropping the UBox at the Seattle apartment ourselves than filling out all that paperwork.  

In our opinion this a great option for moving comparing it to other moving companies. Especially if it's just two of you living together and you have just enough stuff that it all won't fit in a vehicle. Yes, there is the lifting and packaging up you have to do yourself, but it's so nice that UHaul has the option to drop off and pick up the box and they do all of the traveling portion for you. I'm sure there's other companies out there that do this, but this is what we found and have used now for the second time. It's just so much cheaper than other moving companies from what we researched. Something else to point out we didn't have issues with stuff getting broken in the UBox and we had a lot of fragile stuff on there. Obviously you have to pack everything correctly for this to not happen. But thought it was worth mentioning, we didn't have any issues with broken stuff. 

I think I got most stuff covered like I said a lot of this information is on the UHaul website and it's pretty straight forward step by step. Pretty stress free they drop off, you load it up, they pick up and drop it off to wherever you're moving.

I hope this is helpful let me know if you ever used one of these and what your experience was! This will be our second time using this UBox and we love it!


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